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Crochet Dish Rags: A beginners project

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Ok guys if your new to crocheting or just getting started then the crochet dish towels/rags are the way to go. This is a way to practice your basic stitches while learning how to keep your tension consistent and make something useful all at the same time. These also make great Christmas presents! You can use any of the three basic stitches you want, the single crochet (sc), the half double crochet (hdc), or the double crochet (dc).

crochet dish towels

Crochet Dish rags

What you need

crochet hook – I would suggest a 5.5mm-6mm hook but you can go smaller as it suggests to use a 5mm hook on the cotton yarn. The hook size will determine the size of your dish towel it will also determine the weight of your towel so to speak. I find that I do not want my rag to be too tightly crocheted as it would be with a smaller hook because it is harder for the water be to absorbed into the fabric. And we want the rag to be useful right. Using a slightly larger hook is also good for beginners.

yarn – For dish towels/rags you will want to use 100% cotton. I use Bernat Handicrafter Cotton it comes in really large balls so you can make lots of rags and its affordable only about 9$

Crochet Dish Towels

Folded Crochet Dish Rag Gift Set

Getting it started

So now you have chosen your yarn, hook, and stitch and you are ready to begin. You will make a slip knot. Then make a chain as long as you want your towel/rag to be.  Crochet as many rows as you want in the stitch you have chosen to get the height you want. I will be making a post soon about sc, hdc, and dc for beginners you will be able to refer to.

Once you have made your towel the size you want. You will fasten off. Do this by cutting the thread and leaving about a 5 inch tail. You need to leave a tail in order to secure your work. After you cut your yarn pull the yarn through that is still on your hook. then separate the yarn ply in half. This is a 4 ply yarn so you should have 2 strands on each side now. Take 2 of those ply’s and pull then through 1-2 stitches away from where you fastened off. Then make a double knot to secure your work. Pull on the knot as hard as you can without breaking the thread. Then cut the remaining thread short. Do this on your beginning tail as well.


You are now a crocheter and probably completely obsessed already. This is the most wonderful hobby in the world and you can learn to create beautiful works of art in a very short amount of time. Keep at it and until next time.

Happy Crocheting!



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