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Crochet Ideas for Valentines Day

I hope you all have a great Holiday! We have been busy busy busy and now with Christmas behind me I have already started thinking about what projects I want to do for Valentines Day. I have decided to make hair bows in the shape of hearts for the little girls in my daughters daycare class and bow ties for the boys.

But before I begin those I have to share with you guys this incredible lady on YouTube. Her handle is annaphelps33 and she has some really interesting posts about dress making. I have a 4-year-old so this is right up my ally.

But if your just interested in dress making you can still learn some basic structure from her videos. The video that I am sharing shows the dresses that she has made and gives some pointers on how to make them.

Check out her channel on YouTube for some more detailed tutorials.

Annaphelps33 YouTube Channel

I am really enjoying these videos. I am trying to make my daughter a dress she can wear on Valentines day. Instead of a flower I will put a heart detail.

Happy New Year! and Happy crocheting!



Finished Bag!

**Pattern has been updated click HERE**

Yay! So I finally finished one of the little lady bags with the bow and I am super excited. Check it out.

Finished Little Lady Hand Bag with Bow

Finished Little Lady Hand Bag with Bow

Finished Little Lady Hand Bag with Bow

Finished Little Lady Hand Bag with Bow

Lining and Zipper upclose

Lining and Zipper up close

Lining and Zipper

Lining and Zipper

I had a couple of hiccups with the zipper it was tricky. But for my first zipper and lining combo I think it came out wonderfully. I hand stitched this so it’s a little rough but I really enjoyed doing it and practice makes perfect…I hope hehe. Listed below are the two links I used as reference in putting in the lining and zipper. Both are have good points.


Check out my other Little Lady Hand Bag posts for notes on how to make these bags.




Little Lady Bag with Bow Notes

**This pattern has been updated click HERE**

Hey guys!

As you know by now I began to freestyle these handbags for the little girls in our family. This will be a quick tutorial not too much in detail because it is a work in progress. Here are my notes for the handbag with the Bow:

Little Lady Hand Bag with Bow: Turquoise

Little Lady Hand Bag with Bow: Turquoise

Begin with the base as noted on my first Little Lady Handbag post:

After you have completed the first 3 rounds

Rnd 4: Treble

Rnd 5: SC

Rnd 6: Treble

Rnd 7: SC

Rnd 8: Treble with ch1 spaces (ch4 to beg,skip1 st,treble,skip 1 st,treble and continue in this manner all the way around.

Rnd 9: SC

Rnd 10: Treble

Rnd 11-13: SC

Create an edging. You can create the shell edging as I did. If you need instructions you can click on the link here.

Now create a band that is the width and length of you treble chain one row.

Weave this through and attach in center front.

Create you bow and attach it to the band. Leave long tails! This makes it so much easier.

I will be working on my lining, zipper, and straps this weekend and will keep you guys posted on those. Enjoy!


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Handmade Christmas Stocking

I am really happy with the way my stocking is turning out. I have not added the cuff yet but it is still very nice. And it’s true. It is super quick and easy. It took me only a couple of days to get this done. Considering I was taking care of my two children both those days all day long that is pretty good. I bought some blue and white snowflake wrapping paper (surprise surprise lol) and decided to do my stockings blue.

Very Blue Christmas Stocking

Very Blue Christmas Stocking

I do have a few tips if you are planning on doing this stocking. Make sure you are focused when starting the heel. That was the only spot that gave me trouble but it was only because I was getting the mommy mommy mommy treatment at that moment.

Leave yourself long tails for the sewing.

Also, I used the whip stitch to sew my stockings seams. I turned the sock inside out for this part to hide my tie offs.

This was my first stocking or anything like a sock for that matter. I really enjoyed making it and I would definitely recommend this to a beginner as long as you have all the basic stitches down. You can find this patter to this stocking on my Quick and Easy Stocking post:

Happy Holidays and Happy Crocheting!


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Quick and Easy Crochet Stocking

So I am working on way too many projects at one time but I just can’t help myself. Even though I still have to do the straps and lining on my Little Lady Handbags I have started two Christmas Stockings for my children today and I must say its going very quick. I found a pattern from red heart that is wonderful.

Red Heart Yarn Christmas Stocking

Red Heart Yarn Christmas Stocking

This stocking pattern is quick, easy, and free! Thank you Red heart.

I am doing my stockings in two different shades of blue. Who says Christmas items have to only be red, green, and white? I will put up a photo of mine as soon as they are finished. Enjoy. Happy Holidays and Happy crocheting!


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Crochet Snowflake

As you can tell by now I have been rather focused on snowflakes this Christmas. I have found another beautiful free crochet snowflake pattern. It is Enjoy!

Crochet Snowflake

Crochet Snowflake from

Click below for link to free pattern


This project is great for Christmas and I love this blog there are so so many wonderful posts so have fun!

Happy Holidays and Happy Crocheting!