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Handmade Christmas Stocking

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I am really happy with the way my stocking is turning out. I have not added the cuff yet but it is still very nice. And it’s true. It is super quick and easy. It took me only a couple of days to get this done. Considering I was taking care of my two children both those days all day long that is pretty good. I bought some blue and white snowflake wrapping paper (surprise surprise lol) and decided to do my stockings blue.

Very Blue Christmas Stocking

Very Blue Christmas Stocking

I do have a few tips if you are planning on doing this stocking. Make sure you are focused when starting the heel. That was the only spot that gave me trouble but it was only because I was getting the mommy mommy mommy treatment at that moment.

Leave yourself long tails for the sewing.

Also, I used the whip stitch to sew my stockings seams. I turned the sock inside out for this part to hide my tie offs.

This was my first stocking or anything like a sock for that matter. I really enjoyed making it and I would definitely recommend this to a beginner as long as you have all the basic stitches down. You can find this patter to this stocking on my Quick and Easy Stocking post:

Happy Holidays and Happy Crocheting!



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