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Little Lady Bag with Bow Notes


**This pattern has been updated click HERE**

Hey guys!

As you know by now I began to freestyle these handbags for the little girls in our family. This will be a quick tutorial not too much in detail because it is a work in progress. Here are my notes for the handbag with the Bow:

Little Lady Hand Bag with Bow: Turquoise

Little Lady Hand Bag with Bow: Turquoise

Begin with the base as noted on my first Little Lady Handbag post:

After you have completed the first 3 rounds

Rnd 4: Treble

Rnd 5: SC

Rnd 6: Treble

Rnd 7: SC

Rnd 8: Treble with ch1 spaces (ch4 to beg,skip1 st,treble,skip 1 st,treble and continue in this manner all the way around.

Rnd 9: SC

Rnd 10: Treble

Rnd 11-13: SC

Create an edging. You can create the shell edging as I did. If you need instructions you can click on the link here.

Now create a band that is the width and length of you treble chain one row.

Weave this through and attach in center front.

Create you bow and attach it to the band. Leave long tails! This makes it so much easier.

I will be working on my lining, zipper, and straps this weekend and will keep you guys posted on those. Enjoy!



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