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Crochet Ideas for Valentines Day

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I hope you all have a great Holiday! We have been busy busy busy and now with Christmas behind me I have already started thinking about what projects I want to do for Valentines Day. I have decided to make hair bows in the shape of hearts for the little girls in my daughters daycare class and bow ties for the boys.

But before I begin those I have to share with you guys this incredible lady on YouTube. Her handle is annaphelps33 and she has some really interesting posts about dress making. I have a 4-year-old so this is right up my ally.

But if your just interested in dress making you can still learn some basic structure from her videos. The video that I am sharing shows the dresses that she has made and gives some pointers on how to make them.

Check out her channel on YouTube for some more detailed tutorials.

Annaphelps33 YouTube Channel

I am really enjoying these videos. I am trying to make my daughter a dress she can wear on Valentines day. Instead of a flower I will put a heart detail.

Happy New Year! and Happy crocheting!


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