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How to Begin Crocheting

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Hello Future Crocheters

This post will cover the bare basics of crochet and how to begin for the absolute beginner including chaining and single crochet stitch.

First you need to get some yarn and a crochet hook. It is recommended to use 4 ply, medium, worsted weight yarn because it is easy to handle. Make sure you pick a yarn that is not too dark in color. I found working with black yarn difficult while learning the basics because I could not see my stitches very well.

You will also need a hook. There will be a recommended size of hook listed on the yarn package. This is where you may get confused. On this particular yarn it is recommended that I use a 4.5 mm or 7us size hook. This hook can also be referred to as the G hook. You do not have to use a 4.5 mm/G hook but know that the smaller the hook is the smaller your project will be and the larger the hook the larger the project. You also want to make sure that your yarn sits well within your hook. If your hook is too big for your yarn your project will look too loose and if you hook is too small you will find it difficult to make your stitches.

Now that you have your hook and yarn you can begin your stitches. I recommend that you practice your stitches before you start any projects. You can however make a dish rags as practice if you would like. That was how I began crocheting.

crochet dish rag

crochet dish rag

Single Crochet

To begin you will need to create a slip knot on your hook.

The first stitch you need to know is the chain stitch (ch). This is the base for your work and the stitches you will work off of to create your Single Crochet (sc). You simply pull the yarn through the slip knot and every loop after to chain your stitches. Always chain one stitch extra when working in single crochet. So if you want to make rows 25 stitches long chain 26 on your foundation chain and chain 1 on turning rows after that. Here is a link to demonstrate how to single crochet. I find a lot of great information on

I also have a page listing the written steps for single crochet.

Practice this stitch while making some great crochet dish rags for yourself or as gifts. If your like me you will be hooked on hooking after that!

Welcome to the world of crochet!



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