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New wool! Project ideas wanted!!


new yarn

new yarn

I am so excited about my new yarn. It’s a nice wool yarn that calls for a 3mm crochet hook. I want to do something different and I am thinking that maybe I will dive in and make something special for my daughter who is 4. But I am not sure what kind of clothing projects are best for starting out. So far I only have experience with accessories.

It is like I said a very nice yarn. I was thinking of maybe doing a cape with a hood. What would you guys do with this yarn? The colors are beautiful. Any ideas would be great!

Here is another look at the colors in this wool yarn.

new yarn

new yarn

If any of you live in Quebec you can visit for this wool.

As always happy crocheting!



2 thoughts on “New wool! Project ideas wanted!!

  1. I think a cape/hood combo sounds wonderful! I received a wool cape (not crochet) for Christmas this year. I love it! Makes me feel like a woodland princess! I bet your daughter would love it. Can’t wait to see the results!

  2. Thanks peaches for the encouragement! I can’t wait to see how the yarn colors transition.

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