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Crochet Headband with Flower

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Headbands are fun and easy projects to do in between larger projects or for beginners who are still learning. I made these crochet headbands with flowers after watching a tutorial on YouTube from epicabundance.

These headbands are great! You can change the flower because they just button on. Genial!  So if you made these for gifts you could make one headband with 3 or 4 different flowers. It’s the gift that keep on giving but still quick and easy to make. I used a different flower than the one she used in the video. If any of you are familiar with Mikey from the crochet crowd he has some great unique flower tutorials.

girl with crochet headband with flower

crochet headband with flower

I love both flower tutorials and you can make either one or both and mix it up. For the purple and white headband I used 2 strands at once. 1 purple and 1 white. I like the effect and it looks nice with the two-tone flower. Here are the links:

Click here to watch headband tutorial.

Click here to watch flower tutorial from epicabundance.

Click here to watch flower tutorial from crochet crowd.

Tell me what you think! I would love to know if this post was helpful to you and I would really like to see your own creations.

Good Day and Happy Crocheting!



One thought on “Crochet Headband with Flower

  1. I love the detatchable flowers. What a great idea!

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