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Crochet Lace Hat

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So I have come down with the crochet hat bug. My hands might fall off! I have been super busy making hats. I just can’t stop. Not that I want to. I really love making hats thanks to bobwilson123 on youtube. Her tutorials are great. Which brings me to one of my latest hat creations.

I received some wool sock yarn (Patons kroy sock yarn) from my mother-in-law not too long ago but really wasn’t in the mood to learn to make socks(but its on my list) so I searched and searched for a pattern for this type of yarn. I came across a really cute free crochet pattern from Red Heart.  It’s called a lace hat.

crochet hat with flower in multicolor wool yarn

crochet lace hat

I added a flower and a button and I left out the edging because my hat was already long enough. I really like the way that the colors change! A very good hat for autumn.

Note: I added an extra round on my flower to make it bigger. I just did the same increasing as on the other rounds. I think it turned out nice.

crochet lace hat with flower detail made with wool sock yarn

crochet lace hat

Click here for link to free crochet pattern!

Click here for link to flower tutorial!

Tell me whatcha think. I would really like to see your version on this pattern! Until then happy crocheting!




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