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Crochet Baby Hats

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Now I officially know 3 people who are pregnant. So exciting! I love the opportunity to brighten someones day with a crocheted gift from the heart. I was busy this weekend making some crochet baby hats . I do intend to make some baby booties but I am still searching patterns.  I couldn’t be happier with how they came out. They are so simple to make and quick because they are for little heads. Great for beginners in crochet.  I made a newborn, 3 month and 6 month size and wrapped them up as a crochet baby hat gift set. So cute! Check it out.

a collection of crochet baby hats great for gifts

crochet baby hat gift set

a crochet baby hat collection made in green and white

crochet baby hat gift set

You can find the link to this pattern at

They have a lot of great free patterns you just have to sign up for a membership to access them.

This is a great basic free pattern. Very easy to follow. I made some changes in my creations so they would look less feminine and more neutral. I used a ribbing effect on the bottom of the hats and a color change.

a crochet newborn baby hat with strips and a ribbed edging

crochet newborn baby hat

This is the smallest of the three hats being the newborn size. Not much smaller than my 3 month old hat though. I did a color change and used a round of sc above and under the round of dc green. This was my favorite of the three. So cute!

The only thing I like more than crochet is seeing someone smile when they get a crochet gift. Lets make the whole world smile! Happy crocheting!!




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