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Crochet Hat Madness! More Tezzie Hats

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Hello Everyone!

As you know, I have been working on several different hat/beanie projects. And now that I have my new Styrofoam head I can display them a little better. Though the light in my apartment is almost non-existent and the dark winter days do not help, I must ask you to forgive the quality of my pictures. Hopefully I will be able to get a nicer camera soon.

Tezzie hats! I have made 3 of them so far here are the two I made recently.

crochet tezzie hat made with chunky yarn child size

Chunky crochet tezzie hat

This tezzie hat was made with a chunky yarn and a 6mm hook. It took me two hours to make this hat. Super quick! I only did two rounds of the special stitching because I gave this hat to my daughter.

blue shimmer crochet tezzie hat adult size

Blue Shimmer crochet tezzie hat adult size

This tezzie hat came out quite large. Luckily I know someone it will fit nicely. I used red heart shimmer in blue and used a size 5mm crochet hook. It is a nice bright color. I did the special stitch pattern 4 times on this hat it is for an adult.

For links to make a tezzie hat check out my first tezzie hat post by clicking here.

Tezzie hats are one of my favorites! I think you will like them too. This is more of an intermediate project than a beginner project. You will need to know how to to a treble stitch, front post double crochet, back post double crochet and other basic stitches.

Hope you enjoy this post! Share your thoughts on tezzie hats with me I’d love to know what you think. And until next time Happy crocheting!



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