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Crochet Spa Washcloth Gift Set


Hello Again,

I have one final thought for you before the busy weekend rush begins. The weekend is the busiest time for me with everyone home because the cleaning triples, though its also the most precious time. Family time! That being said I simply do not have the time to post on the weekend. So I’ll get it all out of my system today!

I have been hard at work making beanies/hats and really enjoying my time. But aren’t there are some moments during the day when you just want to relax with an easy project? If you said yes then here is the perfect pattern for you! Perfect for those chill down moments. Waffle Crochet Spa Washcloths a free download from Kate Alvis.  It takes me less than an hour to do one. They are quick, easy, and look very professional in my opinion. You may have to play with the stitch count depending on your yarn and your tension. I chained 41 as the pattern suggested for the first one and got a very large washcloth, so for the others I chained 31 and that worked nicely for me. These are how mine turned out.

crochet spa washcloth rag gift set

spa crochet washcloth gift set

I gave these washcloths as a gift set and I used a piece of yarn to tie them together. Very cute!

I used Sugar ‘n Cream 100% cotton thread for my washcloths and they are super soft and cozy.

close up spa crochet washcloth laying flat

spa crochet washcloth laying flat

I do recommend this pattern for beginners. It is very simple just remember that you will be crocheting directly into the chain 1 spaces that’s the big hole between your stitches (this gives the waffle effect) and not into the chains themselves. Good luck!

Enjoy your new washcloths and tell me how you like this pattern compared to other washcloth/dishcloth patterns. If you have a pattern you like more leave a comment I love washcloth patterns.

Until next time, happy crocheting!



3 thoughts on “Crochet Spa Washcloth Gift Set

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  2. The link does not go to the pattern for this washcloth.

  3. Hello Tracy, the link goes to Ravelry and from there you have to click on the PDF download. After that you can save it or you can print it. That is the pattern that I used to make these washcloths. Hope this helps :).

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