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Super Cute Free Pattern Alert: Crochet Goldfish!!


Hey guys

I have a couple of minutes between the mommy, mommy, mommy Saturday morning to share something incredible I found today. A free crochet goldfish diagram.

The tutorial is in French however, if you do not understand french you’re welcome to send me a message and I will try to translate for you if the diagram isn’t enough for you so follow. French is my second language though I do not know all the technical crochet terms yet we can work through it together.

Click here for link to free pattern.

crochet tuto poisson rouge goldfish

crochet goldfish from

I hope you guys enjoy this!

Good Day and Happy Crocheting


UPDATE** since I posted this originally the pattern author has been so kind as to give us the link to the English version of the pattern. Click here to see it! If you want to see more from Marie Mad visit her blog.


6 thoughts on “Super Cute Free Pattern Alert: Crochet Goldfish!!

  1. That is absolutely adorable! I love that other people are so creative.

  2. Oh dear I just realized I forgot to put the link in. I have edited it with the link. Sorry guys :).

  3. I am very happy that my small fish pleases you.
    For those who wishes it, there is also an English-speaking version which is now even more complete than the original French version . You will find it here :

    I wish you full of small fishes!

  4. Such a gorgeous design – I love it! =D

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