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White Crochet Shell Beanie hat with flower


And the crochet hat madness continues…This is my second crochet shell beanie hat with flower. I really enjoy making these hats and I have had several requests now for them, I am pleased to say. You can find all the links you need to make this beanie by reading my original post. Click here.



I am really excited about my new business cards. Though I am just dabbling at the moment with business ideas its always good to be prepared I say.

white-crochet-shell-beanie-with-flower close up

white-crochet-shell-beanie-with-flower close up

I made a slightly smaller flower for this beanie. I believe I used a 5mm hook on the larger flower and a 4.5mm hook on this one. I prefer the 4.5mm hook flower personally.

white-crochet-shell-beanie-with-flower side

white-crochet-shell-beanie-with-flower side

From the side you can see very well the shell pattern that makes this beanie so beautiful.

Tomorrow is Fantasy Friday so check in for that! Until then keep spreading crocheted happiness :D!!



2 thoughts on “White Crochet Shell Beanie hat with flower

  1. Just found you through For the Knit of It. Cool hats, going to have a closer look this evening 🙂

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