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Valentine’s Day Hearts

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Hello Again,

Technically where I am it is 10:45pm and still Wednesday. Sorry I am posting so late for What I am working on Wednesday but it has been crazy trying to get the valentine sacks together! I am sure you know the feeling especially if you have a daughter /heart. But I am very pleased with how my items came out.

Have a look.

crochet heart gift set collection valentine day

crochet heart gift set collection

I have heart rings, bracelets and clip on accessories.

crochet heart accessory clip on great valentines day gift

clip on crochet heart

Clips are very versatile. I can put this heart in my daughter’s hair or just attach it to a shirt, bag or beanie.

crochet heart bracelet gift valentines day

crochet heart bracelet

I made these easy bracelets by chaining 21 then sc 2 rows and slip stitching all the way around to finish the edges. I left two secured tails for ties.

crochet heart ring valentines day gift

crochet heart ring

This photo shows the bottom of the crochet heart ring. I made this separate from the heart then attached it. Chain 10 then slip stitch back across and join tightly for very small fingers of course.

I hope you guys like my crochet heart collection. Any one of these gifts can be made in less than an hour maybe 30 minutes depending on your level. Check my original featured post for “Easiest Crochet Heart” for a tutorial on how to crochet a basic heart.

Enjoy! And Have a Great Valentines Day!!



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