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15 Free Under The Sea Crochet Patterns


Hello everyone and welcome to another Fantasy Friday!

I have been inspired by one of my favorite fantasy creatures this week. Mermaids! Create your own under the sea fantasy world with these free patterns.

15 Free Under The Sea Crochet Patterns

15 Free Under the Sea Crochet Patterns

Mermaid Houseguest

A free pattern by Brenda Anderson. A beautiful mermaid with curly blue hair. The details in the fin are amazing! This is an intermediate level project.

crochet mermaid

Little Blue Lobster

This is an adorable lobster shared graciously by Karabouts . This is an easy pattern with step-by-step photo instruction.


Stuffy Love Octopus

Ollie the octopus is an adorable crochet sea creature measuring almost a foot tall when complete. This free pattern is from Canine Thespian.


Small Starfish

This starfish is available for free download on Ravelry and was designed by Erin Sunsong. This is an easy to medium difficulty project.


Large Sea Shell

These are beautiful crochet sea shells that you can use to decorate your underwater fantasy world! Designed by Susan Whitlock.


Clara The Spotted Jelly Fish

An adorable spotted jelly fish from Crafty Hanako. She measures 7-8 inches tall.


Clam Amigurumi

This little guy is just what your underwater world needs. Quick, easy, and super cute!


Circus Seal

This Seal is a free pattern from Michele Wilcox


Crabby the Crab

Super cute crochet crab! Including very detailed picture tutorial. This pattern is by Nareeporn Piroonsup.


Little Fish Free Pattern

An adorable free fish pattern by Buddi Rumi.


Tube Sponge

There has been some incredible crochet coral work done in Florida. Here is a free pattern for tube sponge. Designed by Denise Beaubien Bennett.


Daddy and Baby Dolphin

I love these little dolphins they are so cute! It is a free pattern from Ravelry. Designed by Shannen C.


Fancy Goldfish

Beautiful Fancy Goldfish designed by Kate Wood. This is a free Ravelry download.


Baby Squid

Easy level baby crochet squid great for beginners in amigurumi. This pattern is available a the Crochet Spot and was posted by JennyAndTeddy.


Little ‘Uns Mermaid

This beautiful mermaid doll was designed by Aleta Lyn. This pattern is available for free on Ravelry. Photo by craftingenue.


I hope you enjoy this weeks collection of free crochet patterns for Fantasy Friday. Follow Crochet Cricket on Facebook to stay up to date with current projects and free pattern finds.

Until next time Happy Crocheting!


6 thoughts on “15 Free Under The Sea Crochet Patterns

  1. Beautiful – I especially love the seal and the goldfish! =D

  2. Reblogged this on Crochet Cricket and commented:

    With Summer Time upon us I thought I would share again this collection of Ocean Amigurumi Patterns I put together. All the best free patterns for your summer crochet fun :). Enjoy!

  3. I actually have the Mermaid Houseguest in my library! Thanks for the others as well!

  4. the little dolphin is really sweet, i guess – but i have difficulties seeing what is what. the white rosette is what exactly. my daughter thinks its a flower. i would say its spraying water like whale? an eye it wouldn’t be, would it?
    But anyhow, i like it.

  5. Thank you for sharing!

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