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Wednesday Update: Baby Beanie Hats


Hiya everyone!

Hope your having a great Wednesday. I have been working on a request for baby beanies and one of my Shell Beanies with flower. I really like this way everything came out.

Take a look!

crochet-baby-beanie.jpg (3)

I added some strips to make them more masculine. These are for a baby boy.

crochet-baby-beanie.jpg (2)

I am really happy with this one I love the tiny strips near the bottom.


The third Shell Beanie with Flower I have made came out very nicely. Here it is packaged and ready to go. I usually fold them in tissue paper as well.


Well that’s “What I’m Working on Wednesday” for this week.

Until next time, wishing everyone a great afternoon!!


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Update: Baby Beanie Hats

  1. I just love the striped beanie as well as the shell beanie with flower! Will you share those patterns as well? I have a granddaughter on the way and need to get busy! Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Cynthia! Thank you for visiting my page. unfortunately I do not have time with my new job to develop my pattern instructions; however these beanies are very simple actually. If you search instructions for a basic double crochet beanie you should find something very similar. I did use fpdc/bpdc on the green beanie for the border. I hope this helps! Happy Holidays!

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