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Free Pattern: Easy Boy Beanie


Hello and Good morning!

I will be sharing my new free beanie pattern perfect for the boys:

Easy Boy Beanie


Yarn – Patons Classic Wool Worsted Weight


Color A -Natural Mix


Color B – Dark Olive

*note* I will be lining this hat with fleece. We live in the north. If you do not want to line your hat you may want to choose a softer fiber for a small child. Acrylic yarn would work fine with this pattern.

US Terms

4mm hook

Two ways to begin Round 1:

R1-R5 color A

Ch 4. Join. 11 Dc into the ring. (12 stitches)

Magic Ring. Ch 1. 12 Dc into the ring. (12 Stitches) pull on tail to close the loop

*note* For a less noticeable seam replace the ch 3 at the beginning of each Dc row with a *ch 1. sc in same sp. ch 1*. Then join into the top of the ch 1 to end the row. Also, avoid joining the new color to the same st as the end of the previous round for a less noticeable seam.


R 2 – Ch 3. Dc in same st. 2 Dc in each st around. Join. (24)

R3 – Ch 3.  2 Dc in the next st. *Dc in the next st. 2 Dc in the next st* repeat around. Join. (36)

R4 – Ch 3. Dc in next st. 2 Dc in next st. *Dc in the next 2 sts. 2 Dc in next stitch* repeat around. Join. (48)

R5 – Ch 3. Dc in the next 2 sts. 2 Dc in the next st. *Dc in each of the next 3 sts. 2 Dc in the next st* Repeat around. Join.  (60)

*note* This is where I stopped increasing to make my beanie. If you want a larger beanie, continue to increase in this manner 1-2 more rounds is usually enough for adult sized hats.

I did a striped pattern for this hat to make it look more boyish. The pattern is single stripe/single stripe/double stripe/double stripe. Again if you are making larger beanie just continue that pattern.

Beanie Body

R6 – (color B) Attach yarn. Ch 1. Sc in the same st. 1 Sc in each st around. Sl St to join in the beg sc. Fasten off.

*note*beg ch 1 stitches on sc rounds are not counted.

R7 – (color A) Attach yarn. Ch 3. Dc around. Sl St to join in top of ch 3. Fasten off.

R8 – (color B) Attach yarn. Ch 1. Sc in the same st. 1 Sc around. Join. (60)

*note* work your tails in as you go stitching over the top of them

R9 – ch 1. sc in the same st. Sc around. Join. Fasten off.

R10 – (color A) Attach yarn. Ch 3. Dc around. Join.

R11 – Ch 3. Dc around. Join. Fasten off.

*note* you should see a set of single stripes and a set of double stripes now. You can choose to do only single stripes or only double stripes for your beanie. 

R12 – (color B) Attach yarn. Ch 1. Sc in same st. Sc around. Join. Fasten off.

R13 – (color A) Attach yarn. Ch 3. Dc around. Join. Fasten off.

R14 – (color B) Attach yarn. Ch 1. Sc in same st. Sc around. Join. (60)

R15 – Ch 1. Sc in same St. Sc around. Join. Fasten off.

R16 – (Color A) Attach yarn. Ch 3. Dc around. Join.

R17 – Ch 3. Dc around. Join. Fasten off.


*note* the brim is where you will make the beanie fit snugly on the head. It is here you need to do your decreasing. If the beanie fits well already you can just keep the stitch count the same. If not on Round 18 decrease 1 sc every 6 stitches. If you need more decreasing repeat this on Round 19 as well. Until your beanie fits how you would like it to.

R18 -R21 (color B) Attach yarn. Ch 1. Sc in same stitch. Sc around. Join.

R22 – (optional) I did a fpsc/bpsc ribbing to add a slight edging detail. This can also be done with hdc or dc. If you use hdc or dc to make a ribbed detail like this do Round 21 with the same stitch as round 22. If you pick HDC then do rounds 21-22 in HDC etc.

Here are the directions to do round 22 with double crochet:

–DC ribbing–Must have an even number of stitches. Always Begins with a Bpdc and always ends with a Bpdc. Ch 3 counts as a Fpdc.

Round 21 – Ch 3. Dc around. Join. This is the foundation for round 22.

Round 22 (ribbed round) Ch 3. Dc around the back of the next Dc post(bpdc). Dc around the Front of the next Dc post(fpdc). Alternate this pattern in each stitch around. Ending with a Bpdc. Join in the top of the Ch 3.

I hope you guys enjoy this pattern!

Please leave a comment. I’d love to chat with you. Let me know if you have issues with the pattern or suggestions for the pattern. And of course show me what your easy beanie looks like!

Come join our Facebook community or follow on Pinterest. I would love to check out your pages and boards as well.

Until Next Time Happy Crocheting


Copyright Please do not copy this pattern. This pattern is the property of Crochet Cricket. You are free to make as many Easy Boy Beanies as you would like, to give them for gifts or to sell them in small quantities. Please do not mass produce this Beanie.

You are welcome to share this pattern. You must provide a link to this site and name Crochet Cricket as the designer.


13 thoughts on “Free Pattern: Easy Boy Beanie

  1. I love this hat! I have added the link to the directory at

    i hope it brings you lots of traffic and if you have any other patterns you would like added feel free to submit them right on our main page.


  2. Thank you Megan. I am happy you like my pattern. I look forward to exploring the pattern directory on your site.

  3. I’m confused by this part of R5: *Dc in each of the next 3 sts. Dc in the next st* Repeat around. Join. (60)
    Is it supposed to say “Dc in each of the next 3 sts. ~2 or 3~ Dc in the next st”?
    Otherwise it is just a strange way of saying Dc around.

    • Hello April :). I am so glad you messaged me because it seems that I made an error. It is supposed to say *2 DC in the next stitch on the last part of round 5 because this is an increase round. Thank you! I will fix it right now. I hope you like the beanie and I apologize for the confusion. Have a good day :D!

  4. Thank you for such an easy pattern! Made this hat for my husband! He loves it!

  5. Hello Marge! Thank you for the kind words. I am so happy you husband likes his hat 🙂 I’d love to see it. Can you share a photo on our facebook page?


  6. Hi! PERFECT for the boys! Can’t wait to start! One question – you mentioned lining with fleece. I would love to know how to do this if you are able/willing to share! THanks! Amanda

  7. Love this pattern! Making hats for my grandchildren already for next Christmas. This pattern took only a few hours for me to finish, being a not-so-fast crocheter. I used worsted weight and like the “chunky” feel in this pattern. Thank you for the easy to understand and follow directions!

    • Wonderful! I am so glad you liked it. I would love to see a photo if you could share one of our Facebook page that would be great! See the link in the sidebar above. Best Wishes ~Cricket~

  8. Loved it thanks. Grandson loves it now to make the scarf. Thank you again

  9. I liked this hat it’s easy and comforting to crochet sometimes you feel like crocheting something easy, because your tired but yet you don’t want to stop crocheting, which is my case most of the time. Thank you.

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