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Top 5 Crochet Dresses You Can Make For Easter


Hello everyone

This week for free pattern finds I have decided to put together the 5 best little girl dress patterns I have come across that could work as Easter Dresses for your darling girls.


Elenka by Inna Aleksandrova

This dress is adorable with its ribbon detail and an empire waist. It has been made by many so there are lots of examples on this Ravelry download. The dress featured here was taken by MissusVonkysmeed.


Angel Wings Pinafore by Maxine Gonser

This little dress is so cute! I think it is my favorite being worn over a cape sleeve under shirt and a tulle skirt. Also a download from Ravelry, this dress photo is by GraceFaithHope. And although the pattern is for 3 month it can be altered to fit an older girl.


Beehive Baby Sport – I Heart My Dress (crochet) from Patons

This lovely dress is a free download from Patons. You have to sign up but it’s worth it too see the variety of free patterns they offer. There are little heart pockets and a matching beret. If done in more springlike colors this dress could be very cute for Easter.


Crochet dress for 3 year old girl by

This is the dress that I am considering making myself. I think it is beautiful and I love the shell pattern. There are some other nice  patterns on this site make sure you have a look around while your there.


I have already featured this dress once, however I thought it really needed to be in this list. Lovely is only one of the words I could use to describe this dress. It is one of my all time favorites.
crochet blue and white dress with bolero child size


In addition to the dresses listed here you can check out a previous post I made that includes a video tutorial on how to create a dress for a little girl. This video is called How to Crochet a dress an is by Annaphelps33 on youtube.

Hope you all have a great time making these beautiful dresses for your little beauties!

Happy Easter!



11 thoughts on “Top 5 Crochet Dresses You Can Make For Easter

  1. Thank you for sharing the pics and the links! I think I’ll be making the orange one for my niece. It’s so pretty 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Thank you so much for sharing this : )
    I would like to make a “Crochet dress for 3 year old girl by” . I have view the pattern but I didn’t know how many chains I should start for the first row. ( I can’t leave a reply or question there) Would you please help me with this?
    Thank you very much

    • Hello Pieke thank you so much for visiting my blog! I know exactly what you mean! I want to make this dress myself and the instructions are very vague. I searched and found a forum thread going about this very dress. There are some tips suggesting perhaps 100 chains or 19inches. You should have a look at it and maybe you can even join in on the chat to help you get started. Here is the link I hope this helps! Have fun 😀

    • I will also ask my Facebook community page if any of them have made this dress yet and see if they any tips. Thank you for your questions!

    • One of my Facebook followers suggests that you make a chain that can fit comfortably over the little girls head.

    • Here is another reply from our Facebook page: Karen says”If you look at the right side of the chart about halfway up it looks like it tells you to repeat 6 times, therefore you count the chains in the chart and multiply by 6. that would be what I would do, hope this helps!”

  3. Hi,

    Thank you so so so so soooo much very much. You guys are too kind!
    I’ll definately keep you posted.

    You made my day! Thank you so much ^_^

    Kind regards,

  4. How do I get the patterns for these dresses?


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