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Wednesday Update: Crochet Spring Hats


Good Morning!

Spring is on the way and Easter is around the corner. I am hard at work making spring/summer hats. I am testing different stitch patterns trying to get the design right. *note* All of these hats are made with 100% worsted weight cotton.

Have a look!


The first hat I made turned out a little too small but is still very cute. It is striped with a shell edging. I made the stripes without fastening off and joining. A technique that I am learning where you carry the non-working yarn along and stitch over it.


I will add a solid color flower to this hat to anchor the bold stripes.

crochet-spring-hat-white-purple-stripes-shelledge.jpg (1)

This half-double crochet edging is one of my favorites to do.


This is the hat I made for my daughter. She is going through her ‘blue period’. I think that the shells in this pattern are my favorite so far.

blue-crochet-spring-hat-shellstitch.jpg (3)

I also made an orange hat with a different pattern. This pattern includes a v-stitch and a small fan stitch.


I am going to modify the stitches on the orange hat for the next one.

I currently have a single crochet crown made and I am just about to start my next spring hat. This time I think I will add a larger brim more like a sun-hat.

Well that’s what’s on the hook here, what spring projects are you guys working on? I’d love to see especially your hats!

Hope you guys enjoy these hats and get inspired to make your own! Until next time happy crocheting.


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9 thoughts on “Wednesday Update: Crochet Spring Hats

  1. I love them all buy the orange color takes the prize 🙂

  2. I love them, the striped one is my favorite.

  3. These are really pretty, especially the striped one. And the yarn looks gorgeous, what type did you use?

    ~The Veiled Purl @

  4. Thank you veiledpurl :D. I used 100% worsted weight cotton from Sugar ‘n Creme. There is a Wal-mart version of this I use as well called Peaches and Creme that is nearly the same but a little less soft in my opinion. But they have different color selections. Sugar ‘n Creme has really beautiful colors to choose from. I get mine at Michaels.

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  6. Hi! Gorgeous work…. where do I find the patterns for your work???

    • Hello Teresa 🙂 Thank you! I do not have proper patterns written up for these hats here yet. I am testing the blue cloche hat and may eventually put that pattern up for sale. I have not been sharing my patterns for very long, I want to make sure they are well written before I do. I do have 2 free patterns you can see here on my Ravelry page They are for the Easy Boy Beanie and the Little Lady Handbag with Bow. If I make something and there is a free pattern available by someone else I will always include that link in the post.

      Thank you for visiting my blog! Hope you have a blessed day :D.

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