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Fantasy Friday: Free My Little Pony Pattern


Good Friday Everyone!

This week for Fantasy Friday I am sharing this free pattern by ‘Knit One Awe Some’ for My Little Ponies. I loved these as a child! As a child of the early 80s I remember my little ponies and the care bears as my most beloved toys. I really want to make one of these for my daughter.


The white unicorn is my favorite with her beautiful purple hair.


Coming in a very close second is the yellow Pegasus. Again I really love the braided threads of hair.

There are several other ponies features on ‘Knit One Awe Some’ click here to check it out!


Have fun making your own ponies and enjoying those childhood memories! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

Until Next time

Happy Crocheting

4 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Free My Little Pony Pattern

  1. Very beautiful!!!

  2. The first is Rarity (my fave!) and the second is Fluttershy. I love MLP as a kid, and I’m sadly addicted to the new version of the TV show staring these two!

    • lol Ami, I had no idea what their names were. Thanks for sharing! I haven’t seen the new serious, I am not sure it airs where we live. I’ll check it online. I am sure my daughter would love it.

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