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Free Pattern Find: Crochet Baby Sandals

Good Day!

It’s Monday again! Time for another free pattern find.

I included a link to a free basic baby bootie pattern in one of my recent posts. This page is no longer working. I have contacted the site with no luck in retrieving the free pattern BUT I did find this super cute free crochet baby sandal pattern. This pattern by Rhianna Lynn.


This pattern is found on This Lovely Blog.

They are so perfect for summer! Hope you guys have fun making these.





Little Lady HandBag: Straps and Closure

I have finished taking notes and photos for the strap and closure instructions for my Little Lady Handbag Pattern. Here is a sneak peak. I will have the full post up by Wednesday. Enjoy!




Back Button Closure


Hope you have a great Sunday!



Fantasy Friday: The Hobbit Edition

Welcome to a special edition of Fantasy Friday here at Crochet Cricket! This week I have put together some of the best ‘Free’ crochet patterns inspired by the Hobbit.

As a child, the earliest memories I have of loving a story are from the times my father would read me the Hobbit. And though the memories are cloudy and grey, it is clear that this is where my love for all things fantasy grew.

Go back? No Good at all! Go sideways? Impossible! Go forward? Only thing to do! On we go! ~Tolkien

free crochet pattern collection the hobbit lotr

*click photos for direct link to patterns*

Gandalf the Grey

by ChrysN


Most of these free Hobbit tutorials are created by ChrysN, she is fantastic! This Gandalf doll isn’t just a great amigurumi project. It is special. She gives instructions on how to put lights in the staff and make the pipe glow!

~Not all those who wander are lost~

Hobbit Door


Here is another tutorial by ChrysN, though not a crochet project I thought it was really fun. This is for those of you that are crafty outside of Crochet. And it would be a great accessory to have for your amigurumi hobbit dolls.

Crochet Dragon – Smaug!


Also by ChrysN here is an incredible crochet dragon! I love this crochet pattern. The icing on the cake is the Red LED lights for the eyes. This is a real work of art.

Hobbits by Sammi Resendes

This final pattern is for the hobbits from LoTR. It is a free pattern by Geek Central Station. With this pattern you can make your own Bilbo doll to go with your Hobbit set.

Did you like this free pattern collection?

I really enjoy putting these free pattern collections together for you guys. This week was dear to my heart. I have  real soft spot for hobbits they are one of my favorite fantasy races.

Make sure we give a big thank you to ChrysN and Geek Central Station for making these awesome free patterns!




Note**I own no rights to the above mentioned characters nor the patterns shared. These characters are trademarked and the copyrights belong to the division of the Tolkien Enterprises. These patterns are to be used for personal use only as fan art. Thank you!


Crochet Ocean Waves Afghan

Back Again!

Now for the second part of this weeks update. I began an Ocean Waves Afghan this week. Well I shouldn’t say afghan because I am only doing a baby blanket size. There is a Crochet Along Challenge with Mikey from the Crochet Crowd at Red Heart Yarn. Although I am not participating in this challenge I really fell in love with this afghan and wanted to try it.

ocean waves baby blanket

My sister-in-law is having a baby boy giving me the perfect opportunity! This is my second attempt at making a blanket. The first was a granny square blanket. I really LOVE this pattern.


It is so easy. It works up super quick. I have only worked on this blanket for two nights. If you have never made a blanket I suggest this one. Mikey breaks everything down. Shows you how to do the stitches, how to fix your mistakes and has charts to help you understand the stitch work.


I used Bernat handicrafter cotton in blue, beige and brown. This is a great choice of fiber for a summer time blanket. If you want a warmer blanket you may want to use acrylic.

You can find all the links you need to make your own Ocean Waves Afghan by clicking HERE!

Hope you enjoy this afghan as much as I do. Have a great day!


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My First Crochet Bolero

Good Day!

Welcome to another Wednesday update. I have several projects to share with you guys but I will begin this week with my first crochet Bolero. I do not have a pattern for this bolero. I simply took inspiration from others I have seen in this style.

crochet-bolero.jpg (2)

Basically you make a dc back then continue with a long chain for the first arm hole, single crochet along the bottom make a second chain for the second armhole then continue around the top in sc. This will create a circle for you to work in rounds.

crochet-bolero.jpg (4)

You will use shell stitches around beginning with 2 dc ch 2 2 dc and simply increasing after a few rows to 3 dc ch 2 3 dc. And you will continue in this manner until the Bolero is as large as you want it to be.

crochet-bolero.jpg (5)

I made mine a tad bit too full and it became a little ruffly. I still like the look of it. But if I want it to lay flatter that means that next time I will have to space my shell stitches 1 or more stitches farther apart on my first shell stitch row.

crochet-bolero.jpg (3)

I used a thin thread for this project. My beautiful hand-spun gradient yarn which I received as a present for Christmas. It called for a 3mm hook. So the stitches are delicate and small. I love how the colors change. It is going to be great for autumn.


I have not sewn in an attach yet. But I plan on putting a button or toggle to pin it in the center. I used a safety-pin here just so you can see the effect.

crochet-bolero.jpg (6)

My model was very wiggly. I managed to get a clear shot between the jumping on the bed and giggling.

crochet-bolero.jpg (1)

I gave her the yarn to hold because I had yet to fasten off. I may as well have given the yarn to a kitten lol it was so balled up. Luckily there was only a little left.

This project truly was fun. I love seeing an idea grow into a real piece of clothing in my hands. I hope this inspires you to make your own Bolero. If so please share your creations with me I would love to see them!

Until next time! Happy Crocheting


©2013 These photos are the property of Crochet Cricket. Do not share these photos without a direct link to this blog. Thank you!


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Free Pattern Find: Mug Hug & Rug!

Good Morning! It’s Monday again.

Nothing better on a Monday morning than a fresh cup of coffee. Well almost nothing! A fresh cup of coffee in your favorite mug with a crochet mug hug and rug is even better, don’t you agree?

Okay so I sound just a little bit like Dr Seuss lol so I will stop rhyming. I found this really nice photo tutorial for a coffee coaster and cozy. It is really easy to follow. A great project for beginners.

This free photo tutorial was written and shared by Wink on

Thank you Wink!!


This is  a great project if your short on time. It only takes about an hour to complete. I love the slip stitched stripes and the wooden buttons.

Hope you enjoy this weeks free pattern find. Follow us here and on Facebook for more great free pattern finds as well as original work Made By Cricket.

Have a great week Everyone!

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Fantasy Friday: Free Crochet Crown Pattern/Tutorial


I can’t believe it is Friday again. This week has flown by. I have been thinking a lot this week about what to share for Fantasy Friday and finally decided to share bobwilson123’s crochet crown pattern and tutorial. She has some excellent videos on how to crochet. Here is one of her free patterns that I am sure your little princesses will love. Crochet Crown/Tiara! I plan on making some of these for my nieces. Enjoy!



This crown is made like a headband but much more adorable!

Here are the links to the pattern and video tutorial. Thank you Clare for this really fun project for our little princesses!


Video Tutorial

Free Pattern


Have a great weekend everyone! And Happy Crocheting!!