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Wednesday Update: Part 2 – White Sun Hats


Hello everyone,

What a beautiful day! Although a bit chilly at least the sun is shining.


This is part 2 of my Wednesday update this week. I made two hats this week, one for each of my little nieces. One of the girls is 5 and the other is 2. The larger of the two hats is a sun hat.

wip-crochet-spring-summer-hat.jpg 086

You can see I did 3 rows of single crochet to make a band around the hat and that is where I attached my applique.

wip-crochet-spring-summer-hat.jpg 089

I used the same contrasting color as a border.

wip-crochet-spring-summer-hat.jpg 062

I have also added bobwilson123’s bows to these hats as well. I just love those little bows!

wip-crochet-spring-summer-hat.jpg 077

The larger of the two hats comes with straps so the hat will stay on my nieces head.

wip-crochet-spring-summer-hat.jpg 100

This is the 2-year-old version of the same hat. It is less of a sun hat than the other. The brim is not as large.This hat is similar in design to the first hat. It is just missing the band and the sc crown is smaller than the other hat.

wip-crochet-spring-summer-hat.jpg 097

Here you can see another close-up of those darling bows. You can also see the I used a combination of v-stitches and sm-fan stitches to create the lacy center rows.

Hope you guys enjoy these hats. I am considering putting these hats up on etsy.

As always I love your feedback and comments. Tell me what you think!

Until next time, happy crocheting!


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7 thoughts on “Wednesday Update: Part 2 – White Sun Hats

  1. Beautiful !!!

  2. Very pretty. Great job! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check it out here:

  3. I love the colours you used! Your hats are my inspiration and I think I’ll make one for my 2yo girl too 🙂

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