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Fantasy Friday: Free Mini Ami Crown Accessory Pattern!


Hello everyone and happy Friday!

I hope you are having better weather than we are. Can you believe we are having a huge snow storm today! If your being buried in snow like me maybe this mini crown will brighten your day.

King Egmont

His name is King Egmont and he is so cute! I really love all of Woolly Toons mini amigurumi projects. Just click the link to see this free pattern for this adorable mini crochet crown accessory. This little crown can be used as an ami accessory or a doll accessory for you daughters barbies.

This is even cuter than the mini ami umbrella!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Fantasy Friday post have a great weekend everyone.




8 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Free Mini Ami Crown Accessory Pattern!

  1. Happy Friday to you tooooo!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. This is truly adorable! Crocheting has to be my new addiction! I love following your blog so I thought it would be great to nominate you for an ABC Award! You can find it here

  3. I have really enjoyed following your blog, I have nominated you for the LIebster Award 🙂

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