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Pattern Update: Handle/Strap Tutorial

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*Little Lady Hand Bag Free Pattern by Crochet Cricket*


The straps for this bag are made by creating two small tabs (white) and one long strap (blue). You will do this with single crochet.

andbag straps free pattern

Using your 5mm hook

Ch 6. Sc in 2nd Ch from Hook. Sc to end. (5)

Turn. Do not chain 1. Work into the same stitch. Sc to end. Don’t forget last stitch. (5)

You will do 12-14 rows for the tabs. Long enough to catch in the single crochet beneath the shell when attached.

You will make your strap the desired length for the person it’s intended for.

little lady handbag straps free pattern

The tabs and strap should roughly be the same width as the bottom of your bag.

By not doing a CH1 on rows you get a slightly straighter line. Try not to work your first stitch too tight. If you prefer to chain 1 then you are welcome to do what feels right to you. I used the contrasting color for the tabs. Leave long tails. You will use those tails to attach your tabs and strap to the bag and metal rings.

little lady handbag straps free pattern

The metal rings I used this time are not round. You can also use round rings or wooden rings. Anything you have like this would be fine.

little lady handbag straps free pattern

You should have 16 shells. 8 on the front and 8 on the back. You will put your tab through the metal ring, fold it over to the inside of the bag. The center of your tab will line up with the space between the two corner shells.  Use the tails to securely sew your tabs into the single crochet rows beneath the shells.

little lady handbag straps free pattern

Voila!. Now insert your strap through the metal ring. Folding over to the inside of the strap and sewing to secure. Rep. on opposite corner.

If you have a lining already your tab may be a little higher than mine. This is fine as long as it is sew on tightly. Remember the weight of the bag will be held from this spot

little lady handbag straps free pattern

Here is how it looks when your finished.


Congratulations! You have just attached straps to your bag.

You bag is now complete! /happy dance. Time to give the little lady in your life a special surprise.


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