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Fantasy Friday: Wings!


Good Day or evening depending on where you are,

It is a little late today for my Fantasy Friday post. But better late than never! Today was me and my husband’s 5th anniversary. He loves me. I know because he drove me 45 minutes just to go to a yarn store. He is a keeper! hehe. But seriously we had a nice time and ate some very good Vietnamese food for lunch as well.

This week I wanted to share a really fun photo tutorial I found for a simple crochet wing. I thought you guys could use this when designing your amigurumi dolls. Have a look.

crochet wing tutorialThis is a free tutorial from blogger Cthulhu Crochet and Cousins.

I hope you guys enjoy this pattern for Fantasy Friday.

And if you are also in Canada, have a safe and happy long holiday weekend!




6 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Wings!

  1. Yup a keeper for that sort of devotion to you! Nice wings!

  2. I was so happy to find your WINGS. The best description with photo’s on the internet! Thank you so much.
    When Pigs Fly… I needed better wings than the pattern I used.

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