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Modern Granny Stripe Baby Blanket


Hello everyone!

Sorry I couldn’t get my update posts up yesterday, I just couldn’t get to it. But, I am really excited about this new pattern I have found. It is for a granny stripe blanket. It is a very nice modern take on the classic granny square and if your granny squares lean like mine do you will really enjoy the straight lines in this project.

Basically you begin with one long chain. Depending on the size of the blanket you want to make. My blanket is for a baby so I only chained 99 (needing a multiple of 3). I will add a border when I am finished.

I am using 4 colors. White stripes flow between each of the colored rows.

crochet modern granny stripe baby blanketI am using 100% cotton. I want to back this blanket with fleece or flannel. Have any of you lined a crochet blanket? How do you do it?

crochet modern granny stripe baby blanketI am really enjoying this blanket. It is a really quick and easy pattern. Once you get past the 2nd row it works up so fast. I love it! Great project for those days when you just want to hook and not think too much about it. You can find a tutorial on this pattern at attic24.

I hope you guys enjoy this post. What do you think of my color combinations?

Leave a comment! I look forward to hearing from you.



23 thoughts on “Modern Granny Stripe Baby Blanket

  1. I have made three HUGE blankets using this design, it’s great. 🙂

  2. I found 2 site both on They should be helpful for you. I love the blanket. It’s so simple and cute! My bucketlist of things I want to crochet grows daily….and this pattern will be added as well.

    I have a question about the hook that you use. I have Boye hooks and I noticed that yours are wider and have that flattened side to it, is it better than the Boye hooks? Just wondering because my yarn always slips off the hook or catch the yarn in the middle.

    • Thank you Shantier for the links! It is very kind of you to share them with me. And about the hook. I think that the Boye hook is great for most crochet projects. I tend to prefer the Bates hook myself. It really comes down to your crochet technique, how you hold the hook and your tension as to whether the Bates or the Boye works better for you. But their are certain stitches like the bobble stitch or a puff stitch that require you to pull your yarn through many loops at once that I would recommend the Bates specifically for. Like the bobble stitch on the Lion Brand Yarn Cardigan pattern I shared would probably work best with the Bates. But whatever feel right to you is what you should use.

      Thanks again for the links! Have a great day 😀

  3. Ok, i’m inspired, thank you!!!!!

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  5. I love the colors you have picked for this blanket! Do you mind sharing the brand/color names? Excellent design, too!!

    • Sure I used bernats cotton and I believe the blue is Mod Blue and the green was Hot Green. But I did not realize it would be as heavy as it was. So it was fine as a baby blanket especially a blanket that you use to lay them down on the floor or for a picnic outside. If you are making something larger then you should get an acrylic cotton blend maybe so it wont be too heavy. This would work nice for a rug though. Get something to put under to keep it from slipping. Hope this helps.

  6. I will do that 🙂 It may be a while though, I am pretty new to crochet still and am slow. 😉

  7. I’m probably a little late on the post but I lined 2 crochet blankets with fabric for my boys and it was a little bit of a pain for me but I’m not a great sewer!! I couldn’t get the fabric lined up evenly on all 4 sides of my crochet blanket and fought it for a while before I finally got it sewn together lol but I do love the finished product, it made a great warm blanket for them!! 🙂 good luck and thank you for sharing your blanket, I love the colors you used!!!

    • Hello Sheri! Sorry it took me a while to respond. Full time working momma hehe. I understand what you mean about getting it to line up. I have only been successful a couple of times myself and have yet to master my technique. I am not a great sewer either. I’m so happy your end product came out well. And thank you for the kind comments 🙂

  8. Love the colors! What size crochet hook did you use for this blanket?

    • Thanks Amanda! You know I am not sure anymore. I think I used 4.5mm at the time but I advise a larger hook now that I have made a few more. Use acrylic or a cotton blended yarn that isn’t too heavy with a 5-6mm hook. Your blanket will be softer. Smaller hooks make tighter, neater stitches but the blanket can become stiffer than you want.

  9. how much yarn did you use for the baby size blanket? do you remember the gauge or finished dimensions? thanks!

    • Hello Adeline, Thank you for visiting my blog! I am sorry it took me so long to respond I work full time at my ‘real job’ which leaves me so little time to focus on what I really enjoy. Crochet! I would have to go back and see if I have some notes on this project but just from memory I could guess I did 2-3 stripes with one 50g ball and I did the blanket 30×30 inches I think (baby size). I would recommend a lighter weight yarn than worsted. Though I love this blanket it turned out slightly heavier than I would have liked. I recommend you do it with a sport (light) weight yarn and maybe 5-5.5mm so it will be soft and light.

      Hope this helps!

  10. I love this color combination and thank you for sharing a link to the tutorial. I’m going to attempt making a huge dining room rug using fleece fabric yarn. I hope it’s going to turn out as beautiful as your blanket. Just totally in love with your color combination!

    • Wow Thanks for the great feedback! I had a great time with this pattern and I know you will too. I would not advise waiting until the end to sew in the tails like I did though! Best Wishes 🙂

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