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Mod Baby Stripe


Hello everyone,

It is still Wednesday but only just barely. I am late today getting online. Just way too much going on. My darling daughter also has soccer now on Wednesday’s and she is having great fun with that.

This week I pretty much only worked on my Mod Baby Stripe Blanket. It is coming along nicely. I added 3 rounds of sc around the edge. And I am still researching doing a fleece backing. I have never backed a blanket before and I am not familiar with sewing terms. So finding an easy tutorial has been a challenge. Mod Baby Stripe Blanket CrochetDo any of you have any experience with backing with fleece. For example can I just cut the fleece the exact same size as my crochet blanket then blanket stitch around the edge? Which I have never done might I add.


Do I need to leave a seam allowance and fold that under? I am going to probably do this by hand. So the simplest way is what I am looking for. But I also want it to look professional. I really get stubborn once I have an idea of what I want to do. Usually I end of creating my own method. Maybe I will end up doing that this time too!

here is a pic of my ends – Mod Baby Stripe Blanket CrochetAnd a photo with the single crochet edge – Though difficult to see on the black backdrop. This is btw some of the fleece I was considering using for the backing. Mod Baby Stripe Blanket CrochetI am a die-hard perfectionist and would really appreciate any of your comments on how to finish this blanket! hehe don’t be afraid to leave a comment :-).

On a lighter note I really have enjoyed making the granny stripe blanket and I have plans to make many more. I am even thinking of writing up an infinity scarf pattern with a stitch like this for the fall.

Look forward to talking to you!



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8 thoughts on “Mod Baby Stripe

  1. This is gorgeous! I’d love to know what cotton you used. Excellent colour choices 🙂

    • Hello Michelle thank you for visiting my blog :). I used worsted weight Bernats handicrafters cotton. It is a nice sturdy blanket. Though I wouldn’t recommend this cotton for large adult size blankets it would get too heavy. It worked nicely for the baby size.

  2. I have made several fleece blankets, and it should be fine to blanket stitch the edges — to me, it would depend on whether you can get a perfectly straight cut. Another option would be to make it several inches wider than your crochet and also fringe the fleece. You just cut strips and tie them in knots. It might be cute. I love this blanket, and also your purse designs — great use of color and sense of fun 🙂

  3. Saw your post about this on crochetville and just wanted to stop by and say that it is absolutely lovely! 🙂 Love the colors that you used!!

  4. I love this baby blanket! I am new to this and trying to create something like this for a friend that is having a baby, is this something that would be a beginner sort of thing or more advance?

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