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Fantasy Friday: Incredible Crocheted Dragon

It’s Friday!

Almost time for the weekend! I hope you all had a wonderful week. Usually I share a free pattern that is fantasy related on Friday but not this week. This week I am sharing a link to a gorgeous crochet dragon by the crochet architect.

crochet chinese dragonThis incredible work of fiber art was created in China and was a gift to Susan the author from her son who had recently visited there.

The craftsman ship is truly inspiring. Look at the details in his face.

crochet chinese dragon I just love it.

Hope you guys enjoy this weeks fantasy feature.

Have a great weekend!





Fantasy Friday: Wings!

Good Day or evening depending on where you are,

It is a little late today for my Fantasy Friday post. But better late than never! Today was me and my husband’s 5th anniversary. He loves me. I know because he drove me 45 minutes just to go to a yarn store. He is a keeper! hehe. But seriously we had a nice time and ate some very good Vietnamese food for lunch as well.

This week I wanted to share a really fun photo tutorial I found for a simple crochet wing. I thought you guys could use this when designing your amigurumi dolls. Have a look.

crochet wing tutorialThis is a free tutorial from blogger Cthulhu Crochet and Cousins.

I hope you guys enjoy this pattern for Fantasy Friday.

And if you are also in Canada, have a safe and happy long holiday weekend!



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Free Pattern Find: Queen Bee by Woolly Toons

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend. And I hope that all you supermoms had a wonderful Mother’s Day with your little ones!

This weeks free pattern find is very much in the springtime spirit. Another one from Woolly Toons, I adore her blog!

Queen Bee

crochet amigurumi bee springHow cute is that!

I know!

There is a great pattern available for free that includes many helpful photos. If you want to make one of these just visit Woolly Toons.



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Fantasy Friday: Spring Fairy House


I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. It is the end of the week and time for another Fantasy Friday post. This week I found a really fun project called the Spring Fairy House. I love spring and I especially love fairies, so this one is perfect! Have a look.

crochet spring fairy house

This free pattern is by Allison Hoffman at

I hope you enjoy this weeks fantasy Friday post. Have a great weekend!



Fantasy Friday: The Hobbit Edition

Welcome to a special edition of Fantasy Friday here at Crochet Cricket! This week I have put together some of the best ‘Free’ crochet patterns inspired by the Hobbit.

As a child, the earliest memories I have of loving a story are from the times my father would read me the Hobbit. And though the memories are cloudy and grey, it is clear that this is where my love for all things fantasy grew.

Go back? No Good at all! Go sideways? Impossible! Go forward? Only thing to do! On we go! ~Tolkien

free crochet pattern collection the hobbit lotr

*click photos for direct link to patterns*

Gandalf the Grey

by ChrysN


Most of these free Hobbit tutorials are created by ChrysN, she is fantastic! This Gandalf doll isn’t just a great amigurumi project. It is special. She gives instructions on how to put lights in the staff and make the pipe glow!

~Not all those who wander are lost~

Hobbit Door


Here is another tutorial by ChrysN, though not a crochet project I thought it was really fun. This is for those of you that are crafty outside of Crochet. And it would be a great accessory to have for your amigurumi hobbit dolls.

Crochet Dragon – Smaug!


Also by ChrysN here is an incredible crochet dragon! I love this crochet pattern. The icing on the cake is the Red LED lights for the eyes. This is a real work of art.

Hobbits by Sammi Resendes

This final pattern is for the hobbits from LoTR. It is a free pattern by Geek Central Station. With this pattern you can make your own Bilbo doll to go with your Hobbit set.

Did you like this free pattern collection?

I really enjoy putting these free pattern collections together for you guys. This week was dear to my heart. I have  real soft spot for hobbits they are one of my favorite fantasy races.

Make sure we give a big thank you to ChrysN and Geek Central Station for making these awesome free patterns!




Note**I own no rights to the above mentioned characters nor the patterns shared. These characters are trademarked and the copyrights belong to the division of the Tolkien Enterprises. These patterns are to be used for personal use only as fan art. Thank you!


Fantasy Friday: Free Mini Ami Crown Accessory Pattern!

Hello everyone and happy Friday!

I hope you are having better weather than we are. Can you believe we are having a huge snow storm today! If your being buried in snow like me maybe this mini crown will brighten your day.

King Egmont

His name is King Egmont and he is so cute! I really love all of Woolly Toons mini amigurumi projects. Just click the link to see this free pattern for this adorable mini crochet crown accessory. This little crown can be used as an ami accessory or a doll accessory for you daughters barbies.

This is even cuter than the mini ami umbrella!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Fantasy Friday post have a great weekend everyone.




Fantasy Friday: Free Wizard Of Oz Amigurumi Patterns!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I am jumping out of my seat excited about the incredible amigurumi patterns that I have stumbled across in my research for Fantasy Friday this week. A new blog named Book People Studio has a whole line of Amigurumi storybook patterns. And can you believe they are free! I loved this book growing up and seeing this little dolls really is a joy.

Michelle from Book People Studio has designed each of these free patterns herself. Each pattern requires a size G hook and worsted weight yarn (any type). It is Storybook fun with amigurumi made simple.

I am in love with this collection and I am sure you will agree that we all need to go follow this blog and Facebook page immediately! Only more good stuff to come, I am sure.

Click the name of each doll for a direct link to the pattern.



I love the red ruby slippers!



His fur is adorable. This is the one that I really want to try myself.



I’ll get you my pretty, lol…her witch hat is so nice.



This one is my absolute favorite. Just look at her crown and the gems in the dress! It’s darling.



Of course we can’t forget the Tin Man.



Last, the scarecrow. Yes he certainly is lovable!

Well that is Fantasy Friday for this week. I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. And if you love books and you love crochet you must check out Book People Studio I just can’t say it enough!

Until next time,

Happy Crocheting!