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Blog Posting Schedule

Good Morning Everyone!

Hope everyone  is doing well and not rushing to finished Valentines like me! Just thought I would take a minute to tell you guys about my new blog posting schedule. I am trying to get more organized so I have decided that I will be posting only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from now on not counting today of course. Mondays I will be posting the best of my free pattern finds for that week. We will have “What I’m Working on Wednesdays” and “Fantasy Fridays” will continue.

You guys are welcome to send me requests or leave comments on the types of free patterns your searching for. I will be happy to keep an eye open for you!

So just to recap Crochet Cricket now has:

  • Free Pattern Mondays
  • What I’m Working On Wednesdays
  • Fantasy Fridays

But before I say good bye, since I am already posting I may as well leave you with a little granny square love! This was my very first crochet “project” and by project I mean something bigger than a dishcloth. I followed Mikey’s tutorial from the crochet crowd to make these super cute granny squares with round centers. My ends were awful! There are little frayed spots all over but practice makes perfect. I love to look back at this first project and smile thinking of how far I have come. Don’t give up keep those hooks moving it’s worth it!

granny square blanket with round center

my first granny squares blanket for my son

Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and post pictures of your creations to have them featured in this blog!

Crocheter Forever!



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Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

Hi Guys!

I have been working on a few beanie projects for people this week and some Valentines Day Flowers. I don’t have any pictures for you guys today but I did find something interesting I would like to share. It’s a social media sizing cheat sheet. Check it out!

Sorry I am not posting the picture it is just too big.

I found this very helpful and thought you guys would too. Thank you for this great resource!

And don’t forget to check in on for Fantasy Friday I have something really awesome lined up to share this week.

Happy Crocheting!!