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Free Pattern Find: Easter Egg Bunnies

Hello everyone!

Hope you are having a great Monday, but if you’re not maybe these little bunnies will cheer you up!

Easter is next Week! So if you are planning on doing some last minute Easter crochet projects then you may like this one.


Easter Egg Bunnies

by Tecrin Tries


Quick, easy and adorable! You only need scrap yarn to complete these little guys and a little bit of filling. What crocheter doesn’t have that lying around.

Click here for free pattern


Hope you enjoyed this week’s free pattern find.

Happy Crocheting!!




Crochet Lamb Bonnet

I just wanted to do a quick post to show you guys the other project that I was working on this week. An incredibly cute crochet lamb bonnet.


This Crochet Lamb Bonnet was designed by Alli Hyer find free pattern here.


This bonnet is made with a chunky yarn and works up nicely. It is really soft and the touch of pink in the ears really stands out.


The bonnet is too small for my son you can see that it doesn’t go all the way around the head. He is just modeling and looking completely adorable!


Fun project! Give it a try before Easter I am sure you will love it.

Until next time…Happy Crocheting! And Happy First Day of Spring!!


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Free Pattern Finds: Easters On It’s Way

Good Monday Everyone!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great Saint Patrick’s Day! I am very sorry that I missed Fantasy Friday last week. It was a very busy week and weekend. I will make it up this week I promise. I am nearly finished with the SunRise PlaceMat Set and I can’t wait to show you guys on my Wednesday update! Today I will share with you some really fun Easter Patterns that I know you and you little ones will love.

The Green Dragonfly: Nibble Nibble, Hop Hop

This is a wonderful blog that I follow and she has created an easy and fun crochet bunny pattern that is really popular right now. I know I am going to make one!


The Crochet Crowd: Peek a boo Easter Basket
This is a really cute Easter project and the design isn’t much different from a crochet hat. A little rabbit face peeks up from one side.


Mom on Time Out: Crochet Easter Eggs

Now you have your bunny and your basket, you need some eggs! These are darling little eggs by Mom On Time Out and they will be great to fill in your Easter Basket.


I hope you enjoy this collection of Easter Crochet Fun and it inspires you to make something for your family this year.

Make sure you stop by on Wednesday for “What I’m Working on Wednesday”.

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Happy Crocheting!!



Top 5 Crochet Dresses You Can Make For Easter

Hello everyone

This week for free pattern finds I have decided to put together the 5 best little girl dress patterns I have come across that could work as Easter Dresses for your darling girls.


Elenka by Inna Aleksandrova

This dress is adorable with its ribbon detail and an empire waist. It has been made by many so there are lots of examples on this Ravelry download. The dress featured here was taken by MissusVonkysmeed.


Angel Wings Pinafore by Maxine Gonser

This little dress is so cute! I think it is my favorite being worn over a cape sleeve under shirt and a tulle skirt. Also a download from Ravelry, this dress photo is by GraceFaithHope. And although the pattern is for 3 month it can be altered to fit an older girl.


Beehive Baby Sport – I Heart My Dress (crochet) from Patons

This lovely dress is a free download from Patons. You have to sign up but it’s worth it too see the variety of free patterns they offer. There are little heart pockets and a matching beret. If done in more springlike colors this dress could be very cute for Easter.


Crochet dress for 3 year old girl by

This is the dress that I am considering making myself. I think it is beautiful and I love the shell pattern. There are some other nice  patterns on this site make sure you have a look around while your there.


I have already featured this dress once, however I thought it really needed to be in this list. Lovely is only one of the words I could use to describe this dress. It is one of my all time favorites.
crochet blue and white dress with bolero child size


In addition to the dresses listed here you can check out a previous post I made that includes a video tutorial on how to create a dress for a little girl. This video is called How to Crochet a dress an is by Annaphelps33 on youtube.

Hope you all have a great time making these beautiful dresses for your little beauties!

Happy Easter!


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Valentine’s Day Hearts

Hello Again,

Technically where I am it is 10:45pm and still Wednesday. Sorry I am posting so late for What I am working on Wednesday but it has been crazy trying to get the valentine sacks together! I am sure you know the feeling especially if you have a daughter /heart. But I am very pleased with how my items came out.

Have a look.

crochet heart gift set collection valentine day

crochet heart gift set collection

I have heart rings, bracelets and clip on accessories.

crochet heart accessory clip on great valentines day gift

clip on crochet heart

Clips are very versatile. I can put this heart in my daughter’s hair or just attach it to a shirt, bag or beanie.

crochet heart bracelet gift valentines day

crochet heart bracelet

I made these easy bracelets by chaining 21 then sc 2 rows and slip stitching all the way around to finish the edges. I left two secured tails for ties.

crochet heart ring valentines day gift

crochet heart ring

This photo shows the bottom of the crochet heart ring. I made this separate from the heart then attached it. Chain 10 then slip stitch back across and join tightly for very small fingers of course.

I hope you guys like my crochet heart collection. Any one of these gifts can be made in less than an hour maybe 30 minutes depending on your level. Check my original featured post for “Easiest Crochet Heart” for a tutorial on how to crochet a basic heart.

Enjoy! And Have a Great Valentines Day!!


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Too Cute Crochet Hearts

I know that Wednesday is going to be for What I am working on posts but I just can’t wait for this one. I have finally created some crochet hearts that I am pleased with. I call them “Too Cute Crochet Hearts”.

Hope you like them!!

too cute crochet heart with edging

Too Cute Crochet Heart

I used Red Heart Shimmer for the inside. I am really happy with how they are coming out!

too crochet hearts with edging

Too Cute Crochet Hearts

I began these hearts by using the “Easiest Crochet Heart” tutorial by Hectanooga1 on YouTube. Then I attached a second color through the middle ring and crocheted in the loop behind the stitch around.

3 down a bunch more to go. Better get back too it!

Enjoy 😀



Last Minute Crochet Hearts

Good Monday everyone!

Hope you had an excellent weekend. I was certainly busy with my little ones. But now that Valentine’s Day is knocking at the door it’s time to go into overtime. If you need something super quick and easy then use this “Easiest Crochet Hearts” tutorial by Hectanooga1. It only takes a few minutes to make each heart and you can attach them to treat bags, bracelets, hair bows and anything really you want.


This heart is simple and can be done by beginners in crochet.

Until Next time Happy Crocheting