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Free Pattern Find: Little Spring Mandala

Hey Guys!

I am sorry that my free pattern share is a little late today. Busy packing! So much fun…ya right! But I still have a little time to traverse the crochet sites, like when I am eating LOL. Yes it never really stops does it when one is so obses…um passionate! About their craft!!

Well anyway, I found this great little pattern to share called ‘little spring mandala’ by Made in K-Town. crochet potholder free patternI think it is darling really. I am also excited to find the yarn used in this project it is exactly what I have been looking for this season.

Well hope you enjoy this weeks free pattern find. Have a great week everyone!





Filler Project: Spa Washcloth

Hello Everyone!

This week was so busy! I did not have a lot of time to work on my new blanket project but I did have a few minutes here and there, between the AH, OOPS, MOMMY moments and of course the packing to move. So I decided to fill those moments with a quick and easy project, wash cloths.

crochet spa washclothCrochet wash cloths are so easy to make and there are many patterns. One of my favorites is the sc/dc skip stitch pattern. I do not know really what the actual name of this stitch is.

crochet spa washclothI have seen it used in many projects but never seen a real name. Does anyone know? Leave a comment!

This is the same stitch that I used in my SunRise Placemat Set. crochet spa washclothI don’t know if you can tell from the photos but there are little specs of green in the white wash cloths as well. That is why I made a green one for this set.

crochet spa washclothI will be listing this set in my Etsy shop, GiftsByCricket, later tonight. So if you would like to buy this set you can do so there. Or if you would like to request a set like this made in another color feel free to send me a message.

That’s all for this week! Next week I expect to have my modern baby stripe blanket finished so keep a watch out for that.

Until then, Keep those hooks moving!



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Free Pattern Find: Mug Hug & Rug!

Good Morning! It’s Monday again.

Nothing better on a Monday morning than a fresh cup of coffee. Well almost nothing! A fresh cup of coffee in your favorite mug with a crochet mug hug and rug is even better, don’t you agree?

Okay so I sound just a little bit like Dr Seuss lol so I will stop rhyming. I found this really nice photo tutorial for a coffee coaster and cozy. It is really easy to follow. A great project for beginners.

This free photo tutorial was written and shared by Wink on

Thank you Wink!!


This is  a great project if your short on time. It only takes about an hour to complete. I love the slip stitched stripes and the wooden buttons.

Hope you enjoy this weeks free pattern find. Follow us here and on Facebook for more great free pattern finds as well as original work Made By Cricket.

Have a great week Everyone!


Give Away Time!

I am so excited that we are at 250 likes on Facebook! And also to have so many of you following me here on my blog :).

To thank you all we are having our second Give Away.



SunRise Coaster Set of 4


These coasters are bright and cheery and sure to make it feel like it is already summer at your table. I recently made a set of these including placemats that you can see by clicking here ‘SunRise Placemat and Coaster Set Finished’


How do I enter to win?

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Good luck!! Happy Crocheting


SunRise Placemat and Coaster Set Finished

Hello everyone!

I am so excited that it’s Wednesday and I can show you what I’ve been up too. I finished the Sunrise set and it looks fabulous! I made this set by request for a friend. She picked some great colors, yellow and orange. This is how it turned out.


I was originally inspired to make this set by cult of crochet. I was having some trouble with the UK terms and the basics of the stitch count. After further research I found a great pattern for a washcloth very similar to cult of crochet’s placemat set designed by The Good Life. This is her 29 stitch washcloth. I found this pattern simple and easy to understand. So I combined the two ideas to get the pattern that I wanted.

crochet-sunrise-placemat-set (12)


Two colors of yarn – Here is what I used

A – Peaches and Creme 100% cotton Amarillo Yellow 470g for 6 places (78g for each place setting)

B – Sugar ‘n Creme 100% cotton Hot Orange 140g (23g for each place setting)

5mm Crochet hook

Tapestry Needle

crochet-sunrise-placemat-set (16)

Special Stitch Info

The special stitch in this pattern is made by doing a sc and dc into the same stitch then skipping the next stitch on the row (having a sc row to begin from). You will then sc and dc in each sc from the previous row and skip the dc stitches. This will give a the look of a shell without actually working a shell.

crochet-sunrise-placemat-set (7)


Note: This pattern was designed by Heather from the blog ‘The Good Life’. This is merely my interpretation of that pattern. You will follow the pattern for the 29 Stitch Washcloth. But with these differences:

  • Make a chain as long as you want your Placemat or Coaster to be
  • Your chain should be a multiple of 2 + 2 stitches
  • Single Crochet around then slip stitch around for edging seen here.

crochet-sunrise-placemat-set (5)

For my set I chained 50 stitches for the placemats and 14 stitches for the coasters.

Notes On Pattern


R1 – SC

R2 – R24 special stitch (see link to pattern above)

R25 – SC

Change color for edging

Attach new color and sc crochet around placemat. Continue around with a slip stitch. You may choose on R25 to continue around your placemat with a sc stitch. I only did one row and fastened off. If you have trouble sc into the sides it may be better for you to single crochet around before doing the edging.


R1 – SC

R2-R10 – special stitch (see link to pattern above)

R11 – SC. Fasten off (or continue all the way around if desired)

Add Edging as with Placemat

If you do the same here are the finished measurements.

Finished Size

Placemats: 15 inches x 10 inches

Coasters: 4.25 inches x 4.25 inches

If you want them smaller or bigger just change the number of stitches in your starting chain.

crochet-sunrise-placemat-set (10)

This is a very easy stitch pattern to follow and quick as well. If you decide to use a 4mm hook your set will resemble more the set made by Cult of Crochet. But it will also take longer and perhaps a bit more yarn to make. Also the measurements will not be the same as the ones pictured here. But the stitches will be tighter.

crochet-sunrise-placemat-set (9)

I really enjoyed making this set. I am at an intermediate level in crochet and it took me between 2-3 hours to make each place setting including coaster.

crochet-sunrise-placemat-set (8)

This is what they will look like before you add your edging.


I decided to make the contrasting color for the placemats the main color for the coasters so they would match but not be identical. You can use as many or few colors as your wish. You are the artist! Make it your own. And share your photos with us. I would love to see what color combinations you come up with.

I hope you enjoy this project! Please let me know if you have any questions or if something isn’t clear. And be sure to say thank you to Heather for this wonderful pattern!

©2013 These pictures are the property of Crochet Cricket. You may not publish these photos without a direct link to this blog post. Please do not copy my special instructions without linking also to this post.

Share your Creations with us on Facebook!

Until next time Happy Crocheting!


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Wednesday Update! Sunrise Place Mat Set

Good Day everyone!

What a beautiful spring like day it is, I feel refreshed with all this sunshine! And ready to share my new projects with you. As I said on Monday I have a request for place mats. And the colors are beautiful shades of orange and yellow. That is why I am have named these place mats the sunrise set.

WIP  – Sunrise Place Mat Set

crochet sunrise place mat set made with cotton yarn in yellow and orange

Just gotta love the colors. So bright and cheery.

crochet sunrise place mat set made with cotton yarn in yellow and orange

Here you can see how it looks before adding the border.

crochet sunrise place mat set made with cotton yarn in yellow and orange

I love this big roll of yarn. It is so easy to work with and it even holds my hook!

crochet sunrise place mat set made with cotton yarn in yellow and orange

Close up of the texture.

WIP – Single Crochet Beanie or…Basket?

single crochet beanie work in progress made with self changing yarn

So this was supposed to be a spring hat for my daughter but it is coming out very large. It fits me!

single crochet beanie work in progress made with self changing yarn

I haven’t mastered the invisible seam for single crochet yet. But I think it looks pretty good. However, I miss calculated the number of rows needed for my daughter’s head and how slow it would be for the hat to begin to take shape on the non increase rows.

single crochet beanie work in progress made with self changing yarn

It may end up being an Easter Basket.

What do you guys think. Hat or basket? Your comments would be very helpful.

These plus two creeper hats and a ninja turtle beanie are also on the hook. Next week I am sure I will have some finished projects for you guys instead on half done projects.

I’d love to chat with you! Check us out on Facebook and Pinterest!!



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Free Pattern Finds: Place Mats

Hello everyone!

This week for free pattern finds I am sharing two free place mat patterns. I have had a request to make place mats and these are a couple of the nicest patterns I have found.

Summer Waves Place Mat and Coaster

by moogly

I love this pattern it is so much fun. By working into the back loops only on certain row you get a really awesome effect.


Place Mat and Coaster Set

by cult of crochet

This stitch effect is done by a combination of sc and dc into the same stitch coupled with a skipped stitch on the base row. It looks a little like a shell. This similar to the place mats that I am working on at the moment.


I hope you enjoy the free pattern finds this Monday.

Have a great week everyone!!