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Pattern Update: Handle/Strap Tutorial

*Little Lady Hand Bag Free Pattern by Crochet Cricket*


The straps for this bag are made by creating two small tabs (white) and one long strap (blue). You will do this with single crochet.

andbag straps free pattern

Using your 5mm hook

Ch 6. Sc in 2nd Ch from Hook. Sc to end. (5)

Turn. Do not chain 1. Work into the same stitch. Sc to end. Don’t forget last stitch. (5)

You will do 12-14 rows for the tabs. Long enough to catch in the single crochet beneath the shell when attached.

You will make your strap the desired length for the person it’s intended for.

little lady handbag straps free pattern

The tabs and strap should roughly be the same width as the bottom of your bag.

By not doing a CH1 on rows you get a slightly straighter line. Try not to work your first stitch too tight. If you prefer to chain 1 then you are welcome to do what feels right to you. I used the contrasting color for the tabs. Leave long tails. You will use those tails to attach your tabs and strap to the bag and metal rings.

little lady handbag straps free pattern

The metal rings I used this time are not round. You can also use round rings or wooden rings. Anything you have like this would be fine.

little lady handbag straps free pattern

You should have 16 shells. 8 on the front and 8 on the back. You will put your tab through the metal ring, fold it over to the inside of the bag. The center of your tab will line up with the space between the two corner shells.  Use the tails to securely sew your tabs into the single crochet rows beneath the shells.

little lady handbag straps free pattern

Voila!. Now insert your strap through the metal ring. Folding over to the inside of the strap and sewing to secure. Rep. on opposite corner.

If you have a lining already your tab may be a little higher than mine. This is fine as long as it is sew on tightly. Remember the weight of the bag will be held from this spot

little lady handbag straps free pattern

Here is how it looks when your finished.


Congratulations! You have just attached straps to your bag.

You bag is now complete! /happy dance. Time to give the little lady in your life a special surprise.



Little Lady Handbag with Bow – A Free Pattern By Crochet Cricket

I have been working on this pattern since Christmas 2012. I wanted to make a bag for the precious little ladies in my life. My daughter and niece love this bag. I am sure your little ladies will too!

This pattern can be found on Ravelry!

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  • 5mm hook (for medium size bag)
  • 4mm hook (on all parts of bow, and for small size bag)
  • 2 contrasting colors of yarn worsted weight (I used sugar n’ cream 100% cotton in white and hot blue)
  • needle to sew in tails
  • two metal rings for straps

crochet-bag-with-bow.jpg 005

Pattern for main body of bag

US Terms

Make a Slip Knot

Chain 23

     *Bottom of bag is made by working on opposite side of the chain. This will create a square bottom, it is OK if your edges are slightly rounded. We are adding width to the bag instead of having a flat bag.*
crochet-bag-with-bow.jpg 020

Round 1 – this is the round you need to pay the most attention to in order to get your corners right.

  • sc in next 21 ch
  • 5 sc in last ch
  • working on opp side of ch
  • sc in next 20 ch
  • 4 sc in last stitch (there will be one stitch already in this chain.Your beginning stitch) (50 stitches)
  • join with sl st in first sc.

***at the beginning of rows 2-3 you will do your first sc into the same stitch that you sl st into to join the previous round**

Round 2 – CH 1. Sc in next 22 sts. 3 sc in next st. 1 sc in next st. 3 sc in next st. sc in next 22 sts. 3 sc in next st. 1 sc in next st. 3 sc in next st. join with sl st in first sc. (58 stitches)

*you are simply adding 2 stitches at each corner to make your work turn*

Round 3 – Ch 1. Sc in next 23 sts. 3 sc in next. 1 sc in each of the next 3 sts. 3 sc in the next st. sc in next 24 sts. 3 sc in next st. 1 sc in each of the next 3 sts. 3 sc in the next st. 1 sc in the last st. join to 1st sc with sl st. (66 sts)

*These three rounds make the base of your bag*

rnd 4 – sc around working in back loops only. (66)

crochet-bag-with-bow.jpg 021

*Ch 4 will count as first Treble stitch for every TR round. For a small size bag you can replace the TR with DC. If you choose DC ch 3 at the beginning of rounds. Counts as first DC throughout. You will still use TR stitches on the row with chain 1 spaces where you weave your band into.*

rnd 5 – ch 4. tr around. join to top of chain. (66)

rnd 6 – ch 1. sc in same st and around. join in first sc. (66)

*you are alternating between rows of tr and sc*

rnd 7 – rep rnd 5

rnd 8 -rep rnd 6

*Rnd 9 is the row you will be adding your band and bow too. You are welcome to do this row exactly as you did for your Bow-Licious Beanie by bobwilson123 and they will match or follow these written instructions for a slightly different look*

rnd 9 – ch 5. sk 1 st. tr in next st. ch 1. tr in next st around. leaving one chain between each treble stitch around. Join into the 4th st of your beginning chain 4. (66) 33 trebles and 33 ch 1 spaces.

rnd 10 – ch 1 if you can do your sc in the same space do it. If it is too tight work it all the end of the round. Work 1 sc in each treble and 1 sc in each chain space (not into the chain itself). (66 sc)

rnd 11 – ch 4. 1 tr around. (66 tr)

rnd 12-14. ch 1. sc in same st. sc around. join. (66) except the last stitch on row 14 you will do a sc2tog. (65 sc at end of row 14 multiple of 5 needed for hdc shell edge).

crochet-bag-with-bow.jpg 025

Edge – sk 1 st. 5 hdc in next st. sk 1 st. sl st into next st. 5 hdc into next st. rep. End with slip st into the last sc of your last round.

Here is a link for help with edging. I did not sl st in the first stitch as suggested in this link.

I have made this bag with acrylic and with cotton. A soft acrylic is nice for the band and bow. I prefer cotton for the bag it gives it more structure.

crochet-bag-with-bow.jpg 062

Here is an example of a cotton bag and a soft acrylic bag made with something like Red Heart shimmer. There are also 2 rows less in the pink acrylic bag. Row 4  is not in the shorter bag and there is one less row at the top of the bag. The pink bag was also made with a size 4 hook making it smaller. If you want your bag to be for a smaller child you can make yours like this.

crochet-bag-with-bow.jpg 047

The blue cotton bag laying flat, made with a 5mm hook measures 10in x 7in.

The pink acrylic bag laying flat, made with a 4mm hook measures 9in x 5.5in.


crochet-bag-with-bow.jpg 001

ch 4 sc in the 2nd chain from the hook and the next 2 stitches. (3 sc wide)

work rows of 3 sc until your band can be wrapped around your bag. Do Not fasten off until after you have woven your band through the chain one spaces and verified that the length is correct. If you need more length or less you can continue simple add or pull out the rows while the band is in the chain one spaces. Sew the two ends of the band together.

Here is what the back of the bag looks like with the band

crochet-bag-with-bow.jpg 061

How to weave in the band?

Laying flat I can count 18 treble posts. I began weaving my band in under the 9th treble in either direction. This should be the middle front of your bag. You will go under the first treble and over (hiding) the next treble. You should end your weaving with your band under the last treble if you have the right number of posts.

This is where you will attach (the cc ring you made for your bow) your bow.


*use 4mm hook on bow

ch 21

work 10 rows of 20 sc crochet. Leaving a long beginning tail and ending tail of opposite sides of the bow to help you attach the bow to the bag. For fuller bow do 2 extra rows.

With CC ch 12. sc in 2nd ch. sc to end. (11) Make 3 rows. Fasten off. sew ends together to form a ring. Do not overlap. I use a whip stitch. I also do it with both tails.

Take your rectangle (bow) and fold it like a fan. Pinching it in the middle then folding down the two tops. Insert this into the ring you made. Position the ring in the center of the bow and shape the bow. Keeping the back of your ring to the wrong side of your bow.

Attach to the band using your tails in the same place you joined your band.

crochet-bag-with-bow.jpg 003


I did not add a lining to the bag I made for this tutorial. If you add a lining do it before the straps and closure. I would suggest attaching your lining to the lowest row of single crochet leaving room to attach your straps after.

Check out the links I have on my Crochet Cheat Sheet Page

I lined one of my previous bags by hand using the bag links on my cheat sheet, here is how it looked –

handbag finished1

Closure: click here for button tutorial

crochet-bag-with-bow.jpg 016

This time I have used what I am calling a hidden back button closure.


I used a button closures for this bag. On a previous bag I added a zipper by hand – here is how it looked.

handbag finished

Handles: click here for handle tutorial

The handle for this bag is made by using two tabs and one long strap. Click the link to see a detailed explanation on how to make and attach your strap.


Thanks for visiting Crochet Cricket!

I hope everyone enjoys making my ‘Little Lady Handbag’. Please comment if you have any issues with the pattern or any suggestions. I would love your feedback.

And please share pictures of your bags! I really would love to see your work. Here is my daughter sporting her bag at the park. She is so pretty! Have fun.


©2013 This pattern is the property of Crochet Cricket. Do not copy any part of this pattern. If you would like to share this pattern please provide a link to this post. This pattern is for personal use only.


Wednesday Update: Part 2 – White Sun Hats

Hello everyone,

What a beautiful day! Although a bit chilly at least the sun is shining.


This is part 2 of my Wednesday update this week. I made two hats this week, one for each of my little nieces. One of the girls is 5 and the other is 2. The larger of the two hats is a sun hat.

wip-crochet-spring-summer-hat.jpg 086

You can see I did 3 rows of single crochet to make a band around the hat and that is where I attached my applique.

wip-crochet-spring-summer-hat.jpg 089

I used the same contrasting color as a border.

wip-crochet-spring-summer-hat.jpg 062

I have also added bobwilson123’s bows to these hats as well. I just love those little bows!

wip-crochet-spring-summer-hat.jpg 077

The larger of the two hats comes with straps so the hat will stay on my nieces head.

wip-crochet-spring-summer-hat.jpg 100

This is the 2-year-old version of the same hat. It is less of a sun hat than the other. The brim is not as large.This hat is similar in design to the first hat. It is just missing the band and the sc crown is smaller than the other hat.

wip-crochet-spring-summer-hat.jpg 097

Here you can see another close-up of those darling bows. You can also see the I used a combination of v-stitches and sm-fan stitches to create the lacy center rows.

Hope you guys enjoy these hats. I am considering putting these hats up on etsy.

As always I love your feedback and comments. Tell me what you think!

Until next time, happy crocheting!


©2013 These pictures are the property of Crochet Cricket. Do not share these photos without a direct link to the this Blog. Thank you!