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Modern Granny Stripe Baby Blanket

Hello everyone!

Sorry I couldn’t get my update posts up yesterday, I just couldn’t get to it. But, I am really excited about this new pattern I have found. It is for a granny stripe blanket. It is a very nice modern take on the classic granny square and if your granny squares lean like mine do you will really enjoy the straight lines in this project.

Basically you begin with one long chain. Depending on the size of the blanket you want to make. My blanket is for a baby so I only chained 99 (needing a multiple of 3). I will add a border when I am finished.

I am using 4 colors. White stripes flow between each of the colored rows.

crochet modern granny stripe baby blanketI am using 100% cotton. I want to back this blanket with fleece or flannel. Have any of you lined a crochet blanket? How do you do it?

crochet modern granny stripe baby blanketI am really enjoying this blanket. It is a really quick and easy pattern. Once you get past the 2nd row it works up so fast. I love it! Great project for those days when you just want to hook and not think too much about it. You can find a tutorial on this pattern at attic24.

I hope you guys enjoy this post. What do you think of my color combinations?

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Free Pattern Find: Bebop Cardi

Hello! It’s time for another free pattern find!

I have been searching for some simple, free cardigan patterns. I want to make some size 5-6 and size 2 for my daughter and nieces. I found this really great, free pattern for a simple cardigan but the smallest size is size 6-8. This pattern is by Lion Brand Yarns.Style: "Neutral"It it a great little pattern that is also available on Ravelry if you want to put it on your project queue. I made this cardigan in two days working about 5 hours total. It is very quick and easy. It is a little too big for my daughter so I will be experimenting with the pattern to see if I can make one a size smaller.

Any tips on how to re-size a pattern like this? Or do you guys know something similar available for size 2-6? If you do, Please share!

This is the first piece of clothing I have made. If you are truly new to crocheting wearables/clothes I highly recommend this pattern.

Hope you guys enjoy this free pattern find. I will be sharing my version of this cardigan on my Wednesday update so keep an eye out for that. Have a great week!



WIP Week

Hello everyone!

It is Wednesday, my weekly update day and I usually have some finished work to show but not this week. This week is pure work in progress.

I have spent many hours this week working behind the scenes. Working on my website and on opening my etsy shop. If you would like to see my shop you can click the link in the sidebar or HERE. My shop name is ‘GiftsByCricket’. I only have a few items listed so far but will be adding more soon. I am new to the Etsy world. I would really appreciate any advice you guys have for me about running my shop.

I have also been doing a lot of hat testing on my cloche pattern which I have named ‘Lannahbelle’s Cloche’ after my daughter. I am also working on some flowers for a request for headbands and clips. Have a look!


crochet flowersI have been testing flower patterns trying to find ones that will work for the clips and headbands I am making. I will put together a post of free flower patterns hopefully for our free pattern Monday. I want to try a few more first. I am having a great time making these flowers!


crochet hats wipsLike I said…testing! hehe I am satisfied with the fit of the size 4-6 years old. I have the adult size nearly finished but it is a little loose on the head. I may need to work in some elastic.

adult cloche hatI added an edging to the adult cloche hat I was working on. And I will add a flower soon. Once I choose a favorite. It is hard to decide which flower I like better.

adult cloche hatI would like your opinion on something. Do you like the smaller white edged flower or the larger more colorful flower for this pink hat?

Cloche hat and Handbag Sets

pink cloche hat wiphat and bag set wip

I am considering using the two very colorful flowers on my next cloche and little lady handbag set. Do you like it or should I stick with the white as the accent color?

Well that’s it for this week. Hopefully next week I will have a bunch of finished projects to show you guys!

Don’t forget to visit my new Etsy shop! You can also follow Crochet Cricket on Pinterest and Facebook. Just check the sidebar for the links!

Have a great week everyone!


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Free Pattern Find: Queen Bee by Woolly Toons

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend. And I hope that all you supermoms had a wonderful Mother’s Day with your little ones!

This weeks free pattern find is very much in the springtime spirit. Another one from Woolly Toons, I adore her blog!

Queen Bee

crochet amigurumi bee springHow cute is that!

I know!

There is a great pattern available for free that includes many helpful photos. If you want to make one of these just visit Woolly Toons.



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Little Lady Toy Tote

I have been working on some bag designs. Here is one I am very pleased with. Though missing some finishing touches I think it is very cute. Following the design of my Little Lady Handbag with Bow here is the Little Lady Toy Tote.

crochet bag little lady toy totePerfect for carrying all of their small toys…*treasure*… This bag will have a flower lining that matches the Lazy Dazy Xbody Bag.

crochet bag little lady toy toteA band is weaved in through the center of the bag. Adding a little style. The handle is made small. Perfect for those little hands and easy for them to hold.

crochet bag little lady toy toteAnd a unique edging in a contrasting color ties in with the band.

This bag will be part of the grand opening of my Etsy store in the near future. Hope you like it!


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Pattern Update: Button Closure

*Little Lady Handbag a free pattern by Crochet Cricket*


For this bag I decided to do an easy button closure.

I did not want to put the button on the front of the bag because it would compete with the bow for attention. So I decided to attach it to the back. I am calling this a ‘back button closure’. This is how it looks.

little lady handbag button closure free patter

Using your 4mm hook

Depending on the size of your button. Chain around 15 stitches then slip stitch into the first chain. Leaving long tails.

little lady handbag button closure free patter

You will attach the closure to the front side of the bag between the two shells on the inside. Near to the top of your bag. I brought the tails to the ‘right’ side of the bag crossed them, then re-entered them to the inside of the bag to secure.

little lady handbag button closure free patter

Make a double knot. Be careful not to distort the front of the bag by pulling too tight. Then run your tails under the sc to hide before cutting off.

Add a button to the outside of the bag opposite your closure loop. Near to the top using the same yarn as your bag.

And that’s it. Pretty simple way to make a closure for you bag.

little lady handbag button closure free patter


My First Crochet Bolero

Good Day!

Welcome to another Wednesday update. I have several projects to share with you guys but I will begin this week with my first crochet Bolero. I do not have a pattern for this bolero. I simply took inspiration from others I have seen in this style.

crochet-bolero.jpg (2)

Basically you make a dc back then continue with a long chain for the first arm hole, single crochet along the bottom make a second chain for the second armhole then continue around the top in sc. This will create a circle for you to work in rounds.

crochet-bolero.jpg (4)

You will use shell stitches around beginning with 2 dc ch 2 2 dc and simply increasing after a few rows to 3 dc ch 2 3 dc. And you will continue in this manner until the Bolero is as large as you want it to be.

crochet-bolero.jpg (5)

I made mine a tad bit too full and it became a little ruffly. I still like the look of it. But if I want it to lay flatter that means that next time I will have to space my shell stitches 1 or more stitches farther apart on my first shell stitch row.

crochet-bolero.jpg (3)

I used a thin thread for this project. My beautiful hand-spun gradient yarn which I received as a present for Christmas. It called for a 3mm hook. So the stitches are delicate and small. I love how the colors change. It is going to be great for autumn.


I have not sewn in an attach yet. But I plan on putting a button or toggle to pin it in the center. I used a safety-pin here just so you can see the effect.

crochet-bolero.jpg (6)

My model was very wiggly. I managed to get a clear shot between the jumping on the bed and giggling.

crochet-bolero.jpg (1)

I gave her the yarn to hold because I had yet to fasten off. I may as well have given the yarn to a kitten lol it was so balled up. Luckily there was only a little left.

This project truly was fun. I love seeing an idea grow into a real piece of clothing in my hands. I hope this inspires you to make your own Bolero. If so please share your creations with me I would love to see them!

Until next time! Happy Crocheting


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