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Who doesn’t love Toadstools and Fairies

Good Day everyone

Another Friday and another Fantasy post! I really do look forward to fantasy Friday’s and this week I found some adorable free patterns for you guys.

Margarita the Flower Fairy

First, an adorable little flower fairy called Margarita


I just love her bob style hair cute!

By Mia Zamora-Johnson

Visit petitepurls for this pattern.


Korknisse and Toadstool

Our second fantasy crochet project this week is of a toadstool and korknisse (little gnome like creatures). Adorable!

I really love how bright and cherry this is. Makes me want to get out in the garden myself! Summertime can’t come fast enough.


There are so many little details in this mushroom it really comes to life.


And these Korknisses creatures are beyond cute! Crafting with corks is so much fun and its a great way to reuse and recycle.

Free Pattern by Annaboo’s house blog click here to check it out!


That’s it for this week hope you have a great weekend!

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Awesome Crochet Fishing Set

Hello everyone!

I know this isn’t my usual posting day just wanted to stop in to share something really cool I found on Facebook.  A Fishing Bag, Fishing Hat, 2 Fishing Poles, and 5 Fish incredible! I know my daughter loves to pretend she is fishing and would love to have this set.


It’s so awesome! I just love it.

Click here to check it out!!

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Crochet Butterfly

Crochet Butterflies are so adorable! They are quick, easy and can satisfy that need to “get something finished” in between larger projects. I found a wonderful tutorial on YouTube from yolandasotolopez that teaches how to make 3D butterflies.

Here is one of my butterflies.

crochet butterfly

crochet butterfly

I really like the way that this tutorial has written instructions pop up on the video as she is demonstrating. Very easy to follow. And the results are wonderful. I would recommend this project for beginners its very enjoyable.

Click here for link to YouTube channel.


Happy Crocheting!



Finished Bag!

**Pattern has been updated click HERE**

Yay! So I finally finished one of the little lady bags with the bow and I am super excited. Check it out.

Finished Little Lady Hand Bag with Bow

Finished Little Lady Hand Bag with Bow

Finished Little Lady Hand Bag with Bow

Finished Little Lady Hand Bag with Bow

Lining and Zipper upclose

Lining and Zipper up close

Lining and Zipper

Lining and Zipper

I had a couple of hiccups with the zipper it was tricky. But for my first zipper and lining combo I think it came out wonderfully. I hand stitched this so it’s a little rough but I really enjoyed doing it and practice makes perfect…I hope hehe. Listed below are the two links I used as reference in putting in the lining and zipper. Both are have good points.


Check out my other Little Lady Hand Bag posts for notes on how to make these bags.



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Crochet Snowflake

As you can tell by now I have been rather focused on snowflakes this Christmas. I have found another beautiful free crochet snowflake pattern. It is Enjoy!

Crochet Snowflake

Crochet Snowflake from

Click below for link to free pattern


This project is great for Christmas and I love this blog there are so so many wonderful posts so have fun!

Happy Holidays and Happy Crocheting!


SnowFlake Doilies

Hey guys!

I was searching for some snowflake ideas and I came across these beautiful doilies being show cased as snowflakes. What a fantastic idea! Hope this inspires you guys as well. Happy Holidays and warm crochet wishes to you all! And thank you to fieldandsea on flickr for this beautiful image.