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Fantasy Friday: Incredible Crocheted Dragon

It’s Friday!

Almost time for the weekend! I hope you all had a wonderful week. Usually I share a free pattern that is fantasy related on Friday but not this week. This week I am sharing a link to a gorgeous crochet dragon by the crochet architect.

crochet chinese dragonThis incredible work of fiber art was created in China and was a gift to Susan the author from her son who had recently visited there.

The craftsman ship is truly inspiring. Look at the details in his face.

crochet chinese dragon I just love it.

Hope you guys enjoy this weeks fantasy feature.

Have a great weekend!





Fantasy Friday: The Hobbit Edition

Welcome to a special edition of Fantasy Friday here at Crochet Cricket! This week I have put together some of the best ‘Free’ crochet patterns inspired by the Hobbit.

As a child, the earliest memories I have of loving a story are from the times my father would read me the Hobbit. And though the memories are cloudy and grey, it is clear that this is where my love for all things fantasy grew.

Go back? No Good at all! Go sideways? Impossible! Go forward? Only thing to do! On we go! ~Tolkien

free crochet pattern collection the hobbit lotr

*click photos for direct link to patterns*

Gandalf the Grey

by ChrysN


Most of these free Hobbit tutorials are created by ChrysN, she is fantastic! This Gandalf doll isn’t just a great amigurumi project. It is special. She gives instructions on how to put lights in the staff and make the pipe glow!

~Not all those who wander are lost~

Hobbit Door


Here is another tutorial by ChrysN, though not a crochet project I thought it was really fun. This is for those of you that are crafty outside of Crochet. And it would be a great accessory to have for your amigurumi hobbit dolls.

Crochet Dragon – Smaug!


Also by ChrysN here is an incredible crochet dragon! I love this crochet pattern. The icing on the cake is the Red LED lights for the eyes. This is a real work of art.

Hobbits by Sammi Resendes

This final pattern is for the hobbits from LoTR. It is a free pattern by Geek Central Station. With this pattern you can make your own Bilbo doll to go with your Hobbit set.

Did you like this free pattern collection?

I really enjoy putting these free pattern collections together for you guys. This week was dear to my heart. I have  real soft spot for hobbits they are one of my favorite fantasy races.

Make sure we give a big thank you to ChrysN and Geek Central Station for making these awesome free patterns!




Note**I own no rights to the above mentioned characters nor the patterns shared. These characters are trademarked and the copyrights belong to the division of the Tolkien Enterprises. These patterns are to be used for personal use only as fan art. Thank you!


Fantasy Friday!! In love with Dragons and Knights?

Good morning Good Morning!

Another Fantasy Friday and I am bursting with excitement to share this amigurumi dragon with you. It’s Toothless! The black dragon from the “How to Train your Dragon” movie. Isn’t he adorable! My daughter made me watch this movie way too many times to count and I know she will love this.

crochet amigurumi dragon black toothless from the film how to train your dragon

Toothless! crochet amigurumi dragon

This is totally free pattern from Sarselgurumi.

And when you finish with your Toothless Dragon you can make yourself some cork knights. Yet another fun project from Lucy Ravenscar are these Cork and Crochet: Knights.

crochet knights made from bottle corks

cork and crochet knights from Lucy Ravenscar

I thought it would be cool to make a crochet chess set and use these for the pawns. What do you think?

Thanks for tuning in this week. I’ll be on the hunt again for more Fantastic crochet ideas. Leave a comment and tell us what you think of Fantasy Fridays.

Share your creations with us on Facebook for a chance to see your photos and links feature in this blog!

Until next time Happy Crocheting!



Fantasy Fridays: Free Crochet Dragon Pattern

Hello Everyone!

I have decided to make Fridays at Crochet Cricket, Fantasy Fridays. If any of you guys are also interested in Elves, Princesses, Ewoks, Fairies or anything else of the Fantastical nature, you may want to check in on Fridays to see whats posted.

I love fantasy books and movies. It seems rational to combine that interest with my most favorite hobby, crochet!

For our first fantasy Friday I have found a real gem to share with you. An adorable free crochet dragon pattern from All About Ami.

She has some of the cutest amigurumi I have found. I hope you enjoy making this little guy!

a small green crochet amigurumi dragon

crochet amigurumi dragon from all about ami

Click here for free crochet dragon pattern!

Happy Fantasy Friday and Happy Crocheting!