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WIP Week

Hello everyone!

It is Wednesday, my weekly update day and I usually have some finished work to show but not this week. This week is pure work in progress.

I have spent many hours this week working behind the scenes. Working on my website and on opening my etsy shop. If you would like to see my shop you can click the link in the sidebar or HERE. My shop name is ‘GiftsByCricket’. I only have a few items listed so far but will be adding more soon. I am new to the Etsy world. I would really appreciate any advice you guys have for me about running my shop.

I have also been doing a lot of hat testing on my cloche pattern which I have named ‘Lannahbelle’s Cloche’ after my daughter. I am also working on some flowers for a request for headbands and clips. Have a look!


crochet flowersI have been testing flower patterns trying to find ones that will work for the clips and headbands I am making. I will put together a post of free flower patterns hopefully for our free pattern Monday. I want to try a few more first. I am having a great time making these flowers!


crochet hats wipsLike I said…testing! hehe I am satisfied with the fit of the size 4-6 years old. I have the adult size nearly finished but it is a little loose on the head. I may need to work in some elastic.

adult cloche hatI added an edging to the adult cloche hat I was working on. And I will add a flower soon. Once I choose a favorite. It is hard to decide which flower I like better.

adult cloche hatI would like your opinion on something. Do you like the smaller white edged flower or the larger more colorful flower for this pink hat?

Cloche hat and Handbag Sets

pink cloche hat wiphat and bag set wip

I am considering using the two very colorful flowers on my next cloche and little lady handbag set. Do you like it or should I stick with the white as the accent color?

Well that’s it for this week. Hopefully next week I will have a bunch of finished projects to show you guys!

Don’t forget to visit my new Etsy shop! You can also follow Crochet Cricket on Pinterest and Facebook. Just check the sidebar for the links!

Have a great week everyone!


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Cloche Hat in Off White

I am doing a Cloche hat collection for summer. Here is one I am working on in Off White. This is a size Adult Small.

crochet cloche hat vintage inspired by crochet cricketI have not added the edging or applique yet. So this project is missing some finished touches as well. I really enjoy making cloche hats. I love that era.

crochet cloche hat vintage inspired by crochet cricketSome natural sun…and trees hehe. You can see another cloche hat I made for my daughter HERE.

crochet cloche hat vintage inspired by crochet cricketCloche hats are very flexible. You can flip-up the edge for a small brim on one side or all the way around. You can wear it down over your eyes to protect them from the sun. Many options with this style.

crochet cloche hat vintage inspired by crochet cricketHere is one of many cloches I will be making. All will go my Etsy Shop in the near future. I hope you enjoyed this post.

Have a blessed day!


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Weekly Update: Baby Set & Creeper Beanie

Hello everyone!

*note* Great news!! I finally found a new link to the baby bootie pattern on Craftsy enjoy!

I am just dropping in to show you guys what I have been up to this week. I made a creeper hat for my son and a cloche baby hat with matching booties size 3-6 months. I am very happy with how everything came out. I also made my daughter a Bolero but I don’t have the photos downloaded into my computer yet. Sorry! I have been hard at work with my new website which I hope to share with you in the weeks to come. I hope you enjoy these pieces.

Baby Cloche and Booties with Bow

baby-crochet-cloche-hat-and-booty.jpg 019

The booties are a free pattern by Mellony Bester. The cloche hat is my own design but I do not have a pattern available yet. The bows are from bobwilson123 you can find a video tutorial here.

baby-crochet-cloche-hat-and-booty.jpg 027

Those little bows are too cute and super easy. The best project I have found for scraps so far.

baby-crochet-cloche-hat-and-booty.jpg 028

Creeper Beanie

From time to time I make my son a beanie. This time he requested a Creeper Hat. He likes playing a computer game called ‘MineCraft’. If any of you have sons this could be a good option for you.

crochet-creeper-beanie.jpg 008It’s just a single crochet beanie with a black border and appliques in the shape of the creepers face. I am going to make a couple of more versions of this beanie until I am happy with it. This was the first test and it came out pretty good.

crochet-creeper-beanie.jpg 002

Here he is pretending to be attacked by a creeper, I think lol.

That’s all for this week. As always I would love to see your creations. Share your photos with us. Send them to I do feature other crocheter’s work from time to time on my blog and Facebook page.

Thank you for visiting this week! Best wishes from Crochet Cricket.

Happy Hooking!

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Wednesday Update: Part 2 – White Sun Hats

Hello everyone,

What a beautiful day! Although a bit chilly at least the sun is shining.


This is part 2 of my Wednesday update this week. I made two hats this week, one for each of my little nieces. One of the girls is 5 and the other is 2. The larger of the two hats is a sun hat.

wip-crochet-spring-summer-hat.jpg 086

You can see I did 3 rows of single crochet to make a band around the hat and that is where I attached my applique.

wip-crochet-spring-summer-hat.jpg 089

I used the same contrasting color as a border.

wip-crochet-spring-summer-hat.jpg 062

I have also added bobwilson123’s bows to these hats as well. I just love those little bows!

wip-crochet-spring-summer-hat.jpg 077

The larger of the two hats comes with straps so the hat will stay on my nieces head.

wip-crochet-spring-summer-hat.jpg 100

This is the 2-year-old version of the same hat. It is less of a sun hat than the other. The brim is not as large.This hat is similar in design to the first hat. It is just missing the band and the sc crown is smaller than the other hat.

wip-crochet-spring-summer-hat.jpg 097

Here you can see another close-up of those darling bows. You can also see the I used a combination of v-stitches and sm-fan stitches to create the lacy center rows.

Hope you guys enjoy these hats. I am considering putting these hats up on etsy.

As always I love your feedback and comments. Tell me what you think!

Until next time, happy crocheting!


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Wednesday Update: Part 1 – Blue Spring Hat

This week I will be having two Wednesday update posts. I have been making spring hats since warmer weather is just around the corner *fingers crossed* and it is a nice change from the wool winter hats. I really love working with cotton after a long winter of wool.

I posted my first spring hats of the season last week. If you missed that post you can click here ‘Crochet Spring Hats’.

I made two white sun hats that you will see in my next post and added adorable little bows to them. So of course I wanted to add that bow to my daughter’s hat as well.

crochet-blue-spring-hat.jpg 002

This bow is so fun! It is a free tutorial from bobwilson123. You really won’t believe how quick, easy and cute this bow is. And of course Clare does a great job as always in this tutorial.

I also added a row of single crochet around the border in white.

crochet-blue-spring-hat.jpg 020

I didn’t crochet into the last stitched row but the one before it making the single crochet longer.

crochet-blue-spring-hat.jpg 022

I really like the way it came out. Adding the white also helped to tie in with the straps I added.

crochet-blue-spring-hat.jpg 027

I decided quickly after making the hat that I wanted to add straps. My daughter is very active. And there is no reason to make a hat that isn’t functional. Of course a ribbon tie around the middle of the hat may work for you.

Now I can say this hat is officially finished and I really love it.

I will have another Update in the works soon to show you guys the sun hats I made this week. So keep a look out for that!

Until next then, happy crocheting!



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Wednesday Update: Crochet Spring Hats

Good Morning!

Spring is on the way and Easter is around the corner. I am hard at work making spring/summer hats. I am testing different stitch patterns trying to get the design right. *note* All of these hats are made with 100% worsted weight cotton.

Have a look!


The first hat I made turned out a little too small but is still very cute. It is striped with a shell edging. I made the stripes without fastening off and joining. A technique that I am learning where you carry the non-working yarn along and stitch over it.


I will add a solid color flower to this hat to anchor the bold stripes.

crochet-spring-hat-white-purple-stripes-shelledge.jpg (1)

This half-double crochet edging is one of my favorites to do.


This is the hat I made for my daughter. She is going through her ‘blue period’. I think that the shells in this pattern are my favorite so far.

blue-crochet-spring-hat-shellstitch.jpg (3)

I also made an orange hat with a different pattern. This pattern includes a v-stitch and a small fan stitch.


I am going to modify the stitches on the orange hat for the next one.

I currently have a single crochet crown made and I am just about to start my next spring hat. This time I think I will add a larger brim more like a sun-hat.

Well that’s what’s on the hook here, what spring projects are you guys working on? I’d love to see especially your hats!

Hope you guys enjoy these hats and get inspired to make your own! Until next time happy crocheting.


©2013 These pictures are the property of Crochet Cricket. Do not share these photos without a direct link to the this Blog. Thank you!

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Wednesday Update: More Hats

Good Day everyone,

It seems I am still on the hat craze. I really enjoy making crochet hats they are fun to make as gifts and in high demand up here in the north.

This week I made some little baby girl beanies with a shell edging I think they came out nicely.

Crochet Baby Beanie with Flower



I used a self-changing colored yarn for the first one and added a small flower.

Crochet Baby Beanie with Heart


For the second hat I used Redheart Shimmer yarn and added a heart.


My daughter’s baby doll was kind enough to model for me.

Warm Winter Hat

I also finished a long over due project this week. The warm winter hat I began quite some time ago. I have just had so many projects going I couldn’t get to it. It feels good to finish a project! Less yarn laying around attached to stuff.


You can find a link to this free pattern on a previous post called Crochet Hat Madness: Projects in Progress. One reason it took me a while to finish other than being overloaded on projects was that I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for the edging. I decided to change it and just decrease over the cables until they were down to just 1 DC which became the FPDC for the last row. You can see how the cables point at the bottom.

Chunky Modern Beret

Finally, I have been working on a new pattern this week that I am calling a Chunky Modern Beret. It is somewhat of a slouch hat but made more like a beret with a lacy pattern.


My mother-in-law modeling for me. I am really pleased with how it came out. This too is a self-changing colored yarn.


You can really see how pretty the colors are from the side.

I will test this pattern on a few more hats before sharing it with you. But don’t worry it’s already in the works!

Busy! Busy!

Well that is what I worked on for this past week. Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I am working on a creeper hat for my son and a ninja turtle hat for my daughter so look for those in the next week or two.

I’d love to chat with you on Facebook or follow you on Pinterest.

Until next time, Happy Crocheting!