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Fun With Photos: I <3 Crochet

If you have been following my blog for a while then you know about my “Too Cute” Crochet hearts from Valentine’s Day. If you are new then you are welcome to go back and have a look by clicking here.

I recently started doing some photo editing and I am having some fun with my photos, hence the title of this serious of posts.

Here is one I recently did.

I ❤ Crochet


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Last Day Of Give Away!

Good morning everyone!

Just stopping in to let you know that today is the last day of our 100 like facebook give away.

It is simple to enter just go to this link:

Here are the prizes


crochet heart accessory clip on great valentines day gift

clip on crochet heart

I am also working on a free Beanie tutorial for boys so watch for that!

Have a great Sunday everyone and until next time happy crocheting 😀


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Give Away!

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to tell you that I am doing my very first give away. We have gotten to 100 likes on Facebook. To celebrate I have made 2 wash cloths and 1 Too Cute Crochet Heart clip on to give away.

This give away will begin tonight at midnight and end next Sunday at Midnight.

Take a look at the prizes.


These prizes are handmade crochet items by Crochet Cricket.

The wash cloths were designed by Kate Alvis.

100% cotton crochet washcloth

In addition to the two wash cloths you will receive one of my Too Cute Crochet Hearts that I made special for Valentine’s day. You can clip it in your hair, to your shirt or a bag, just about any where you want!

crochet heart accessory clip on great valentines day gift

clip on crochet heart

You can enter to win by clicking a Rafflecopter giveaway


Visit my Facebook page and click the tab that says “Giveaway” for details!

Thanks everyone and until next time happy crocheting!!


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Valentine’s Day Hearts

Hello Again,

Technically where I am it is 10:45pm and still Wednesday. Sorry I am posting so late for What I am working on Wednesday but it has been crazy trying to get the valentine sacks together! I am sure you know the feeling especially if you have a daughter /heart. But I am very pleased with how my items came out.

Have a look.

crochet heart gift set collection valentine day

crochet heart gift set collection

I have heart rings, bracelets and clip on accessories.

crochet heart accessory clip on great valentines day gift

clip on crochet heart

Clips are very versatile. I can put this heart in my daughter’s hair or just attach it to a shirt, bag or beanie.

crochet heart bracelet gift valentines day

crochet heart bracelet

I made these easy bracelets by chaining 21 then sc 2 rows and slip stitching all the way around to finish the edges. I left two secured tails for ties.

crochet heart ring valentines day gift

crochet heart ring

This photo shows the bottom of the crochet heart ring. I made this separate from the heart then attached it. Chain 10 then slip stitch back across and join tightly for very small fingers of course.

I hope you guys like my crochet heart collection. Any one of these gifts can be made in less than an hour maybe 30 minutes depending on your level. Check my original featured post for “Easiest Crochet Heart” for a tutorial on how to crochet a basic heart.

Enjoy! And Have a Great Valentines Day!!


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Too Cute Crochet Hearts

I know that Wednesday is going to be for What I am working on posts but I just can’t wait for this one. I have finally created some crochet hearts that I am pleased with. I call them “Too Cute Crochet Hearts”.

Hope you like them!!

too cute crochet heart with edging

Too Cute Crochet Heart

I used Red Heart Shimmer for the inside. I am really happy with how they are coming out!

too crochet hearts with edging

Too Cute Crochet Hearts

I began these hearts by using the “Easiest Crochet Heart” tutorial by Hectanooga1 on YouTube. Then I attached a second color through the middle ring and crocheted in the loop behind the stitch around.

3 down a bunch more to go. Better get back too it!

Enjoy 😀



Last Minute Crochet Hearts

Good Monday everyone!

Hope you had an excellent weekend. I was certainly busy with my little ones. But now that Valentine’s Day is knocking at the door it’s time to go into overtime. If you need something super quick and easy then use this “Easiest Crochet Hearts” tutorial by Hectanooga1. It only takes a few minutes to make each heart and you can attach them to treat bags, bracelets, hair bows and anything really you want.


This heart is simple and can be done by beginners in crochet.

Until Next time Happy Crocheting