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Modern Granny Stripe Baby Blanket

Hello everyone!

Sorry I couldn’t get my update posts up yesterday, I just couldn’t get to it. But, I am really excited about this new pattern I have found. It is for a granny stripe blanket. It is a very nice modern take on the classic granny square and if your granny squares lean like mine do you will really enjoy the straight lines in this project.

Basically you begin with one long chain. Depending on the size of the blanket you want to make. My blanket is for a baby so I only chained 99 (needing a multiple of 3). I will add a border when I am finished.

I am using 4 colors. White stripes flow between each of the colored rows.

crochet modern granny stripe baby blanketI am using 100% cotton. I want to back this blanket with fleece or flannel. Have any of you lined a crochet blanket? How do you do it?

crochet modern granny stripe baby blanketI am really enjoying this blanket. It is a really quick and easy pattern. Once you get past the 2nd row it works up so fast. I love it! Great project for those days when you just want to hook and not think too much about it. You can find a tutorial on this pattern at attic24.

I hope you guys enjoy this post. What do you think of my color combinations?

Leave a comment! I look forward to hearing from you.




Fantasy Friday: Wings!

Good Day or evening depending on where you are,

It is a little late today for my Fantasy Friday post. But better late than never! Today was me and my husband’s 5th anniversary. He loves me. I know because he drove me 45 minutes just to go to a yarn store. He is a keeper! hehe. But seriously we had a nice time and ate some very good Vietnamese food for lunch as well.

This week I wanted to share a really fun photo tutorial I found for a simple crochet wing. I thought you guys could use this when designing your amigurumi dolls. Have a look.

crochet wing tutorialThis is a free tutorial from blogger Cthulhu Crochet and Cousins.

I hope you guys enjoy this pattern for Fantasy Friday.

And if you are also in Canada, have a safe and happy long holiday weekend!



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Free Pattern Find: Queen Bee by Woolly Toons

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend. And I hope that all you supermoms had a wonderful Mother’s Day with your little ones!

This weeks free pattern find is very much in the springtime spirit. Another one from Woolly Toons, I adore her blog!

Queen Bee

crochet amigurumi bee springHow cute is that!

I know!

There is a great pattern available for free that includes many helpful photos. If you want to make one of these just visit Woolly Toons.




Pattern Update: Button Closure

*Little Lady Handbag a free pattern by Crochet Cricket*


For this bag I decided to do an easy button closure.

I did not want to put the button on the front of the bag because it would compete with the bow for attention. So I decided to attach it to the back. I am calling this a ‘back button closure’. This is how it looks.

little lady handbag button closure free patter

Using your 4mm hook

Depending on the size of your button. Chain around 15 stitches then slip stitch into the first chain. Leaving long tails.

little lady handbag button closure free patter

You will attach the closure to the front side of the bag between the two shells on the inside. Near to the top of your bag. I brought the tails to the ‘right’ side of the bag crossed them, then re-entered them to the inside of the bag to secure.

little lady handbag button closure free patter

Make a double knot. Be careful not to distort the front of the bag by pulling too tight. Then run your tails under the sc to hide before cutting off.

Add a button to the outside of the bag opposite your closure loop. Near to the top using the same yarn as your bag.

And that’s it. Pretty simple way to make a closure for you bag.

little lady handbag button closure free patter

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Pattern Update: Handle/Strap Tutorial

*Little Lady Hand Bag Free Pattern by Crochet Cricket*


The straps for this bag are made by creating two small tabs (white) and one long strap (blue). You will do this with single crochet.

andbag straps free pattern

Using your 5mm hook

Ch 6. Sc in 2nd Ch from Hook. Sc to end. (5)

Turn. Do not chain 1. Work into the same stitch. Sc to end. Don’t forget last stitch. (5)

You will do 12-14 rows for the tabs. Long enough to catch in the single crochet beneath the shell when attached.

You will make your strap the desired length for the person it’s intended for.

little lady handbag straps free pattern

The tabs and strap should roughly be the same width as the bottom of your bag.

By not doing a CH1 on rows you get a slightly straighter line. Try not to work your first stitch too tight. If you prefer to chain 1 then you are welcome to do what feels right to you. I used the contrasting color for the tabs. Leave long tails. You will use those tails to attach your tabs and strap to the bag and metal rings.

little lady handbag straps free pattern

The metal rings I used this time are not round. You can also use round rings or wooden rings. Anything you have like this would be fine.

little lady handbag straps free pattern

You should have 16 shells. 8 on the front and 8 on the back. You will put your tab through the metal ring, fold it over to the inside of the bag. The center of your tab will line up with the space between the two corner shells.  Use the tails to securely sew your tabs into the single crochet rows beneath the shells.

little lady handbag straps free pattern

Voila!. Now insert your strap through the metal ring. Folding over to the inside of the strap and sewing to secure. Rep. on opposite corner.

If you have a lining already your tab may be a little higher than mine. This is fine as long as it is sew on tightly. Remember the weight of the bag will be held from this spot

little lady handbag straps free pattern

Here is how it looks when your finished.


Congratulations! You have just attached straps to your bag.

You bag is now complete! /happy dance. Time to give the little lady in your life a special surprise.


Fantasy Friday: The Hobbit Edition

Welcome to a special edition of Fantasy Friday here at Crochet Cricket! This week I have put together some of the best ‘Free’ crochet patterns inspired by the Hobbit.

As a child, the earliest memories I have of loving a story are from the times my father would read me the Hobbit. And though the memories are cloudy and grey, it is clear that this is where my love for all things fantasy grew.

Go back? No Good at all! Go sideways? Impossible! Go forward? Only thing to do! On we go! ~Tolkien

free crochet pattern collection the hobbit lotr

*click photos for direct link to patterns*

Gandalf the Grey

by ChrysN


Most of these free Hobbit tutorials are created by ChrysN, she is fantastic! This Gandalf doll isn’t just a great amigurumi project. It is special. She gives instructions on how to put lights in the staff and make the pipe glow!

~Not all those who wander are lost~

Hobbit Door


Here is another tutorial by ChrysN, though not a crochet project I thought it was really fun. This is for those of you that are crafty outside of Crochet. And it would be a great accessory to have for your amigurumi hobbit dolls.

Crochet Dragon – Smaug!


Also by ChrysN here is an incredible crochet dragon! I love this crochet pattern. The icing on the cake is the Red LED lights for the eyes. This is a real work of art.

Hobbits by Sammi Resendes

This final pattern is for the hobbits from LoTR. It is a free pattern by Geek Central Station. With this pattern you can make your own Bilbo doll to go with your Hobbit set.

Did you like this free pattern collection?

I really enjoy putting these free pattern collections together for you guys. This week was dear to my heart. I have  real soft spot for hobbits they are one of my favorite fantasy races.

Make sure we give a big thank you to ChrysN and Geek Central Station for making these awesome free patterns!




Note**I own no rights to the above mentioned characters nor the patterns shared. These characters are trademarked and the copyrights belong to the division of the Tolkien Enterprises. These patterns are to be used for personal use only as fan art. Thank you!