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Filler Project: Spa Washcloth

Hello Everyone!

This week was so busy! I did not have a lot of time to work on my new blanket project but I did have a few minutes here and there, between the AH, OOPS, MOMMY moments and of course the packing to move. So I decided to fill those moments with a quick and easy project, wash cloths.

crochet spa washclothCrochet wash cloths are so easy to make and there are many patterns. One of my favorites is the sc/dc skip stitch pattern. I do not know really what the actual name of this stitch is.

crochet spa washclothI have seen it used in many projects but never seen a real name. Does anyone know? Leave a comment!

This is the same stitch that I used in my SunRise Placemat Set. crochet spa washclothI don’t know if you can tell from the photos but there are little specs of green in the white wash cloths as well. That is why I made a green one for this set.

crochet spa washclothI will be listing this set in my Etsy shop, GiftsByCricket, later tonight. So if you would like to buy this set you can do so there. Or if you would like to request a set like this made in another color feel free to send me a message.

That’s all for this week! Next week I expect to have my modern baby stripe blanket finished so keep a watch out for that.

Until then, Keep those hooks moving!



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Last Day Of Give Away!

Good morning everyone!

Just stopping in to let you know that today is the last day of our 100 like facebook give away.

It is simple to enter just go to this link:

Here are the prizes


crochet heart accessory clip on great valentines day gift

clip on crochet heart

I am also working on a free Beanie tutorial for boys so watch for that!

Have a great Sunday everyone and until next time happy crocheting 😀


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Give Away!

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to tell you that I am doing my very first give away. We have gotten to 100 likes on Facebook. To celebrate I have made 2 wash cloths and 1 Too Cute Crochet Heart clip on to give away.

This give away will begin tonight at midnight and end next Sunday at Midnight.

Take a look at the prizes.


These prizes are handmade crochet items by Crochet Cricket.

The wash cloths were designed by Kate Alvis.

100% cotton crochet washcloth

In addition to the two wash cloths you will receive one of my Too Cute Crochet Hearts that I made special for Valentine’s day. You can clip it in your hair, to your shirt or a bag, just about any where you want!

crochet heart accessory clip on great valentines day gift

clip on crochet heart

You can enter to win by clicking a Rafflecopter giveaway


Visit my Facebook page and click the tab that says “Giveaway” for details!

Thanks everyone and until next time happy crocheting!!



Crochet Spa Washcloth Gift Set

Hello Again,

I have one final thought for you before the busy weekend rush begins. The weekend is the busiest time for me with everyone home because the cleaning triples, though its also the most precious time. Family time! That being said I simply do not have the time to post on the weekend. So I’ll get it all out of my system today!

I have been hard at work making beanies/hats and really enjoying my time. But aren’t there are some moments during the day when you just want to relax with an easy project? If you said yes then here is the perfect pattern for you! Perfect for those chill down moments. Waffle Crochet Spa Washcloths a free download from Kate Alvis.  It takes me less than an hour to do one. They are quick, easy, and look very professional in my opinion. You may have to play with the stitch count depending on your yarn and your tension. I chained 41 as the pattern suggested for the first one and got a very large washcloth, so for the others I chained 31 and that worked nicely for me. These are how mine turned out.

crochet spa washcloth rag gift set

spa crochet washcloth gift set

I gave these washcloths as a gift set and I used a piece of yarn to tie them together. Very cute!

I used Sugar ‘n Cream 100% cotton thread for my washcloths and they are super soft and cozy.

close up spa crochet washcloth laying flat

spa crochet washcloth laying flat

I do recommend this pattern for beginners. It is very simple just remember that you will be crocheting directly into the chain 1 spaces that’s the big hole between your stitches (this gives the waffle effect) and not into the chains themselves. Good luck!

Enjoy your new washcloths and tell me how you like this pattern compared to other washcloth/dishcloth patterns. If you have a pattern you like more leave a comment I love washcloth patterns.

Until next time, happy crocheting!


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How to Begin Crocheting

Hello Future Crocheters

This post will cover the bare basics of crochet and how to begin for the absolute beginner including chaining and single crochet stitch.

First you need to get some yarn and a crochet hook. It is recommended to use 4 ply, medium, worsted weight yarn because it is easy to handle. Make sure you pick a yarn that is not too dark in color. I found working with black yarn difficult while learning the basics because I could not see my stitches very well.

You will also need a hook. There will be a recommended size of hook listed on the yarn package. This is where you may get confused. On this particular yarn it is recommended that I use a 4.5 mm or 7us size hook. This hook can also be referred to as the G hook. You do not have to use a 4.5 mm/G hook but know that the smaller the hook is the smaller your project will be and the larger the hook the larger the project. You also want to make sure that your yarn sits well within your hook. If your hook is too big for your yarn your project will look too loose and if you hook is too small you will find it difficult to make your stitches.

Now that you have your hook and yarn you can begin your stitches. I recommend that you practice your stitches before you start any projects. You can however make a dish rags as practice if you would like. That was how I began crocheting.

crochet dish rag

crochet dish rag

Single Crochet

To begin you will need to create a slip knot on your hook.

The first stitch you need to know is the chain stitch (ch). This is the base for your work and the stitches you will work off of to create your Single Crochet (sc). You simply pull the yarn through the slip knot and every loop after to chain your stitches. Always chain one stitch extra when working in single crochet. So if you want to make rows 25 stitches long chain 26 on your foundation chain and chain 1 on turning rows after that. Here is a link to demonstrate how to single crochet. I find a lot of great information on

I also have a page listing the written steps for single crochet.

Practice this stitch while making some great crochet dish rags for yourself or as gifts. If your like me you will be hooked on hooking after that!

Welcome to the world of crochet!


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Crochet Dish Rags: A beginners project

Ok guys if your new to crocheting or just getting started then the crochet dish towels/rags are the way to go. This is a way to practice your basic stitches while learning how to keep your tension consistent and make something useful all at the same time. These also make great Christmas presents! You can use any of the three basic stitches you want, the single crochet (sc), the half double crochet (hdc), or the double crochet (dc).

crochet dish towels

Crochet Dish rags

What you need

crochet hook – I would suggest a 5.5mm-6mm hook but you can go smaller as it suggests to use a 5mm hook on the cotton yarn. The hook size will determine the size of your dish towel it will also determine the weight of your towel so to speak. I find that I do not want my rag to be too tightly crocheted as it would be with a smaller hook because it is harder for the water be to absorbed into the fabric. And we want the rag to be useful right. Using a slightly larger hook is also good for beginners.

yarn – For dish towels/rags you will want to use 100% cotton. I use Bernat Handicrafter Cotton it comes in really large balls so you can make lots of rags and its affordable only about 9$

Crochet Dish Towels

Folded Crochet Dish Rag Gift Set

Getting it started

So now you have chosen your yarn, hook, and stitch and you are ready to begin. You will make a slip knot. Then make a chain as long as you want your towel/rag to be.  Crochet as many rows as you want in the stitch you have chosen to get the height you want. I will be making a post soon about sc, hdc, and dc for beginners you will be able to refer to.

Once you have made your towel the size you want. You will fasten off. Do this by cutting the thread and leaving about a 5 inch tail. You need to leave a tail in order to secure your work. After you cut your yarn pull the yarn through that is still on your hook. then separate the yarn ply in half. This is a 4 ply yarn so you should have 2 strands on each side now. Take 2 of those ply’s and pull then through 1-2 stitches away from where you fastened off. Then make a double knot to secure your work. Pull on the knot as hard as you can without breaking the thread. Then cut the remaining thread short. Do this on your beginning tail as well.


You are now a crocheter and probably completely obsessed already. This is the most wonderful hobby in the world and you can learn to create beautiful works of art in a very short amount of time. Keep at it and until next time.

Happy Crocheting!