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It’s Freezing!

Brrrr! Hello fellow crocheters…

I can’t believe I am saying this but it is -34 C with the wind chill outside  where I live in Quebec. That’s -29 F. And over night it was even colder. It’s Freezing!

While trying to stay warm I have been working on a new winter hat. I found a really nice free crochet pattern I would like to share with you guys. If any of you are freezing as well and in need of a new hat you should try this pattern.

a warm crochet winter hat

crochet winter hat from crochet garden

This is an intermediate skill level crochet hat that uses fpdc/fptr and bpdc to create  beautiful cables and ribbed effects. I am halfway done with it and I am really enjoying this pattern. I am using the suggested 5mm hook but I am considering using a 4.5mm hook for the next one to make it a little tighter.

Click here for link to free pattern from Crochet Garden.

Stay warm 🙂 and happy crocheting!