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New website

Hello Everyone!

I know I haven’t posted anything in a while. Sorry! Life has had me so very busy lately.

Just letting all my loyal followers know that I have merged my blog on my website I will begin posting again soon beginning with a new quick and easy placemat pattern I have whipped up.

If you follow crochet cricket by email already no worries you will continue to receive post updates. If you follow me by wordpress reader alone you should visit my new site and follow me by email as well to continue to receive my posts.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my blog! The yarn loving community is surely the best.



One Year Celebration!

One year ago I began a little project called Crochet Cricket and with this came my blog, and though I haven’t been able to blog too much lately the one year celebration is still in order!

Thank you to all of you who follow me and to those who read my posts.

We reached 117,000 views this year! I think that is great for a part-time mommy blogger. I hope to get back into it soon. I have a full-time job now plus my beautiful children, but I do so enjoy blogging and creating beautiful crochet pieces.

Talk to you guys soon!

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A Bag and Some Butterflies

Hello everyone!

I am sorry I haven’t been able to blog for a while now. My family has been super busy for the last couple of months. And now I am on the job hunt. I am really excited to get back to working now that my son is 1-year-old. I had an incredible vacation visiting my family back home in Georgia. I made my mother a ton of wash clothes and I made a new bag on the way back home. Sorry there isn’t a pattern I just made it up as I went along.

crochet purse bag handbag crochet cricketI took so many photos while on our trip. Here are a couple of butterfly shots I got that I thought you would all enjoy.

nature butterfly flower garden

nature butterfly flower garden

I hope to have time to post once a week and getting back to my crochet passion soon. Have a great week everyone!



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15 Free Under The Sea Crochet Patterns

With Summer Time upon us I thought I would share again this collection of Ocean Amigurumi Patterns I put together. All the best free patterns for your summer crochet fun :). Enjoy!

Crochet Cricket

Hello everyone and welcome to another Fantasy Friday!

I have been inspired by one of my favorite fantasy creatures this week. Mermaids! Create your own under the sea fantasy world with these free patterns.

15 Free Under The Sea Crochet Patterns

15 Free Under the Sea Crochet Patterns

Mermaid Houseguest

A free pattern by Brenda Anderson. A beautiful mermaid with curly blue hair. The details in the fin are amazing! This is an intermediate level project.

crochet mermaid

Little Blue Lobster

This is an adorable lobster shared graciously by Karabouts . This is an easy pattern with step-by-step photo instruction.


Stuffy Love Octopus

Ollie the octopus is an adorable crochet sea creature measuring almost a foot tall when complete. This free pattern is from Canine Thespian.


Small Starfish

This starfish is available for free download on Ravelry and was designed by Erin Sunsong. This is an easy to medium difficulty project.


Large Sea Shell

These are beautiful crochet sea…

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Getting Ready to Move

Hello everyone!

I am just popping in to tell you guys that I won’t be able to post for a couple of weeks. I will try to do a couple of posts with my works in progress, even there are any, but that is about it until after the 1st of July.

My husband is returning to school to become an electrician and we have been renovating his parents basement. It is a very nice apartment now. Getting everything ready to move! It’s a big task. I will miss crocheting for a while but hope to get back into it as soon as possible. In the mean time I wish you guys all the best! Talk to you soon 🙂



Mod Baby Stripe

Hello everyone,

It is still Wednesday but only just barely. I am late today getting online. Just way too much going on. My darling daughter also has soccer now on Wednesday’s and she is having great fun with that.

This week I pretty much only worked on my Mod Baby Stripe Blanket. It is coming along nicely. I added 3 rounds of sc around the edge. And I am still researching doing a fleece backing. I have never backed a blanket before and I am not familiar with sewing terms. So finding an easy tutorial has been a challenge. Mod Baby Stripe Blanket CrochetDo any of you have any experience with backing with fleece. For example can I just cut the fleece the exact same size as my crochet blanket then blanket stitch around the edge? Which I have never done might I add.


Do I need to leave a seam allowance and fold that under? I am going to probably do this by hand. So the simplest way is what I am looking for. But I also want it to look professional. I really get stubborn once I have an idea of what I want to do. Usually I end of creating my own method. Maybe I will end up doing that this time too!

here is a pic of my ends – Mod Baby Stripe Blanket CrochetAnd a photo with the single crochet edge – Though difficult to see on the black backdrop. This is btw some of the fleece I was considering using for the backing. Mod Baby Stripe Blanket CrochetI am a die-hard perfectionist and would really appreciate any of your comments on how to finish this blanket! hehe don’t be afraid to leave a comment :-).

On a lighter note I really have enjoyed making the granny stripe blanket and I have plans to make many more. I am even thinking of writing up an infinity scarf pattern with a stitch like this for the fall.

Look forward to talking to you!



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©2013 These photos are the property of Crochet Cricket. Do not share these photos without a direct link to this blog. Thank you!